10 pounds to go.......with ALL my senses intact.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ok I'm a little PO'd at myself, no A LOT!! I ignore my signals to myself....really I must be daft. I got to 139 (my goal) then decided it wasn't a safe goal, so my new goal is 132. Why is it I've had to bounce around 139 so many times this year? I DID figure that out. It's because I haven't REALLY changed mentally. I just followed a strict eating plan for long enough to get past my first plateau. Now that I've reached plateau #2, my evil twin keeps reminding me this isn't as much FUN as it was before!!

So, my new plan is kind of my old plan, with a few changes. First, I want to give each of my senses equal time when it comes to food. Seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and the most ignored.....FEELING.

The first 3 (seeing, smelling,hearing) come into play before the food passes your lips. Then the tasting. THEN the feeling. The feeling doesn't come first!! You might think a craving is a feeling, but it is ONLY a thought. NOT a feeling. The FEELING part comes once you've eaten the food.

If I've eaten well, I feel great. If I've over-eaten or made poor choices I feel like CRAPPO!!!!

So I am determined THIS WEEK ALONE to be my own lab rat in my own experiment. I am going to consider the FEELING each food will give me, if I allow my senses to dictate what I am eating I better throw in a good dose of self-control, otherwise I will be feeling bloated, rock-like, lethargic, and let's not forget grumpy!! hehehe. If I must cave to something off plan, it better be a cave that is the size of a kernel of corn so it doesn't change my FEELING. This is what I want to learn to do. Enjoy everything, in moderation, with my feeling considered before the seeing, smelling, hearing and tasting.

What if you didn't have one of those senses? How would you eat then? You might say you don't need hearing to enjoy eating, but I like to hear popcorn popping, or stir fry sizzling, or the timer going off to tell me something is "done". What if we couldn't see our food? How much fun is it to eat when you are congested and can't smell? What if the smell changes? Kinda ruins it doesn't it?

So senses of mine, we are at an impasse - EQUAL TIME FOR ALL THIS WEEK.
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    Heather your body is being devilishly enjoying the mind games. Saying yeah baby go for it...we really need it momma and the mind is saying don't give in...as the struggle starts it's up to us to decide who wins and who loses! So what's it going to be? Maybe it's worth it maybe it's not...like Sharon said, if you think you can control yourself have a bite or spoonful of what your craving. Wrap the rest. Wrap it again in parchment paper or a lunch bag so it makes a lot of noise to unwrap...that will be the new sound of a cheat and how much it's worth it or NOT. Go for your goal there will be plenty of time to cheat at 132! emoticon
    3575 days ago
    I just re=read this. SO, 132 is your goal? 122 will be mine. Let's get this party started!

    3585 days ago
    I like what you're writing here - but how often do we actually take notice of all our senses until it is TOO late??!! I need to consider how I might feel before I even take that bite, or earlier when I decide i need satisfying/feeding... is it appetite or really hunger? Appetite likes all those 'naughties'; hunger is satisfied by goodness...appetite keeps digging and is often followed by dissatisfaction and guilt, whereas hunger brings satisfaction and a feeling of wellbeing when fed.
    Keep on writing!!
    3606 days ago
    Heather, my friend, now WHO is DEEP? YOU are! LOL YEA!!!!! I love it, love it, love it!!!! Now, my only regret is why didn't I read this BEFORE I ate those 2 pop tarts tonight? You are RIGHT about the feeling coming AFTER we eat. I did not have a feeling before or even during the eating of them. BUT, afterwards the feeling was not so good. It felt like regret. I like Sharon's suggestion: commit to only 3 bites and find out if that will be enough. If we tell ourselves we cannot settle for 3 bites, maybe ask ourselves why not and see what the answer is. I like this experiment and I am glad now, that I ate those PTs so I can learn from it. We can do this Heather.....
    3607 days ago
    Good luck on your experiment, I hope that it will work out for you, if you really must have some thing can you say maybe for 3 bites and that will be enough for you instead of going really over board and eat a whole lot more. If you do decide to take couple of bites just let your self take your time chewing it and really taste it and see how if feels like different texture, smooth, cool, creamy, saltly, crushy and so on. Either way we are here for you. emoticon emoticon
    3607 days ago
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