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A Simpler Life. . . .

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today I went to WalMart to pick up my husband's prescription. I RARELY ever go on a Sunday.

The WalMart i go to is in the town where I grew up. It's the home of a fairly large Amish settlement.

As I went through the aisles of the store - I realized something was different. Oh, that's right, not one Amish person in the store! Normally there are many.

Oh, of course! They adhere to the observation of the Sabbath. They will not buy or sell on Sunday! There are many small produce stands in the area run by Amish, they are never open on Sunday.

But then, for you old enough to remember - wasn't there a time when there were NO stores even open on Sunday??? Back when life was simpler!

It just made me ponder about the Amish way of life. When you drive through the area on Mondays, the wash is always out on the line - all year long! Like when I was young.....laundry ALWAYS done on Mondays!

I went to school with Amish. they only go through 8th grade, then it's time to assume their roles in the Amish community. Now, very few go to public school - they have their own schools. I remember the girls in their solid color, full length dresses and their bonnets. Always wear their hair long, but braided and wrapped under the bonnets. Lightweight bonnets that are ALWAYS in place and then the heavier bonnet to wear over that outdoors. No buttons, no zippers, straight pins hold their garments together! Never prints, or different fabrics, just plain, solid colors - although the young girls could wear brighter colors. The older women tend to wear the darker colors. The men wear solid color shirts, and trousers with suspenders....again, no zippers. They wear straw hats in summer and black felt hats in winter. You can tell the married men - they start to grow their beards when they marry.

I remember the young girls coming to town on Friday nights - they would bring "Yankee clothes" to change into and go to the bars! LOL The young boys also liked to go there. Once they officially joined the church - those things stopped. It's just the way it was and is for them.

They live the simple life - no electricity. They still use lanterns. Their transportation is horse and buggy, no automobiles. No tractors on the farm, they use horses. UNLESS they work for someone else, then they can use the tractor, and if the girls hired out as housekeepers in a home with electricity, they are permitted to use it. They can hire taxis to drive them in automobiles, but can't drive themselves.

In today's fast paced world of electronics, speed, high fashion, stress, etc. - - - wouldn't it sometimes be nice to live that "simpler life?" Makes me think of Bucky Covington's song "It Was a Different World".......when we were boys and girls! No, I don't think many of us would want to live the life our Amish neighbors live - but sometimes going back to the simpler life WE had as youngsters doesn't sound all that bad, does it?????
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    Joyce you hit the nail on the head. I loved it when i was growing up and we played outside all day. We rode bikes for miles and only headed home when the street lights came on or we heard the dinner bell, whichever came first. It was a fun time. I don't think I could live without air conditioning, but I really think I could live without TV. It would take awhile to adjust, but I could do it. Simple food, simple play, and simple joys. Thanks for sharing.
    3649 days ago
    I love this Joyce, and I long for the simpler life too. I told Dennis a few time just within the last few weeks, I just want my life back, for things to slow down!

    3651 days ago
    I once read a great quote - Life is as simple as you make it -
    I also, often think how nice it would be to live a simpler life, and then I remember this quote - we decide how we are going to live.. if life is too busy, we need to cut back, focus on what is important and get rid of the 'clutter' in our lives and minds (like brain-deadening tv every night).
    We need to connect with nature - long hikes, gardening and camping.
    We need to connect with our food - garden, cook from scratch. We need to connect with our bodies - rest and exercise regularly.
    We need to connect with God - prayer, going to church.
    And we need to connect with others.
    I am convinced that these are the things that bring peace and meaning to our lives!
    3652 days ago
    Oh many times I think about living a life like that. it is so much easier and so much more peaceful!
    3652 days ago
    I really enjoyed reading your blog today because creating a simpler life for myself is definitely on my mind right now. There are Amish communities where I live too. My dad hired an Amish group of men to replace the roof on his hunting lodge and they did an excellent job. My mom had a quilt made for her guest room by an Amish woman from another community very reasonable in price and beautifully made.

    I can definitely remember when stores were not open on Sundays and Sunday dinner was a big deal. I remember spending more time outdoors in the garden or yard playing. I am really concerned about the amount of time my nephews spend on electronic gadgets these days!

    Thanks for bringing back some good memories for me.

    3652 days ago
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