Since surgery

Friday, April 15, 2011

After Surgery
since march 4th ive been out not being able to do much and going crazy. Ok maybe not to crazy but still been driving me nuts not being able to do much, having to be off my feet for a whole month it has not be great. ive been depressed and felt like how i was years ago. Most not being able to work out like i want to missing out on insanity and p90x was and is killing me still. Everyday seems like things are just getting worse as i go threw not being able to do much well i now more of it has to do with putting on wieght ya i know how to loose it but i dont want to have to loose anymore ive done that already. 200 pounds so far ive put on some wieght but not much i can do about it right now. ok update now mar30th stiches come out wohoooo i felt the spot where i have had pain for the last 6 years and HOLLY CRAP no pain of course the rest of my foot hurts but i just had stiches pulled out so that is it. Now just another 2 months or so to heal up and hopefully get into some good shoes and back to working out. Insanity Asylum is out and it is driving me nuts that i have to watch everyone doing it and cant do it along with them yes im on youtube all the time checking out all the new video's. and am not likeing it one bit. LOl ok so i love watching it but i want to be doing it but have to heal and take care of me and get my self back up and going. Soon as i am able no doubt i will be kicking asylum and updating video's on youtube again. Have been slacking on my blog and youtube video's as of late but still around and still into fitness and watching video's and learning as much as i can about personal training and being a Beachbody coach. Everything is starting to look better now and im feeling better. Of course the foot is a bit off still but still have a month or two of it healing ect but am so excited to get back into everything and haveing no pain while i workout which is gonna be nice :)
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