Can You Shake Sense into Someone?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ever wish you could just snap your finger and the world as you know it would fall into alignment?

I was talking with my mom yesterday and she's telling me about this new diet she's trying. For 6 days you eat only vegetables and protein-primarily beans- and drink only water. Then on the 7th day you eat whatever you want. I guess the trick is you slow down your metabolism (your energy, patience, liklihood of good decision-making skills...) for those 6 days and on the 7th day your body is shocked with all the foods it's been deprived of and you lose a bunch of weight. And you keep this up until you get really sick of beans then binge on a ton of food and gain all the weight back. I'm sure the book phrased it a little differently than that, but that's what I gathered from it.

I WISH I could pour my thoughts and habits about food and exercise into her head so it could all just click. She signed up on SP a while ago but didn't like the online aspect of it and the need to constantly track food. She said it "wasn't for her". So when we were talking yesterday I asked her why she just doesn't write out her meals for the week so she doesn't have to worry about tracking online and after a couple of weeks she could LEARN how to eat and quit doing these ridiculous fad diets. She claims she knows how to eat but that she just wants to see a big drop on the scale then she'll slowly reintroduce foods and start eating healthier. Magically, I suppose...

I guess I can't speak for her, or anyone else but me for that matter, but I was astonished at how much I learned about portions and nutrients my first few weeks on here. I'm still learning every day but WOW, what a difference it's made in my life. It really is the SIMPLEST thing. Eat well + exercise = weight loss. I was also incredibly grateful to find out now that I've begun running 3-4 days a week that I'm SUPPOSED to eat more carbs. Doth my ears deceive me, or is that an angelic choir I hear? I LOVE carbs. How exciting is it that I get to eat a cup of pasta instead of a 1/2 cup?!

I want so badly to help her "see the light" but if someone is unwilling you can't shove it down their throat. It just makes me sad because I know what being overweight feels like. I know how badly your back and knees hurt; I know how much clothes shopping sucks; I know being in pictures is a nightmare; I know how awful it is to rotate through the same 5 outfits every week because you've somehow managed to eat your way out of all your skinny clothes; I know depression, inside and out; I know what avoiding public outings feels like; I know loniless; I know envy; I know tears; I know the temptations. I've been there. On bad days, I still struggle with some of these things. But I know the flip side of it, too.

I know the exhiliration of needing to get a smaller size to try on; I know the happy shock that hits you when you see a picture of yourself after it's just been taken; I know the glorious simplicity of getting dressed in under 2 minutes; I know the proud feeling that hits me after making good food choices; I know the amazing feeling of pushing my body to its limit; I know the way I feel during a run; I know energy; I know peace...

What I don't know is how to relay all this to someone without getting preachy or condescending. Any other Sparkers experiencing the same frustrations? How are you handling these challenges?

Today's song to check out: Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons
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    I had a similar dead end argument with my Mom over natural peanut butter vs. Jif... you know hydrogenated oils bad. I might as well have been talking to myself.

    The crazy basic thing about weightloss is that in the end no matter what scheme you have wieght watchers points or beans... it comes down to basic math... eat less than you burn....I mean we are human and our bodies fluctuate... but in the end... burn 7 calories eat 5 calories== -2!
    2625 days ago
    I have friends that I've told about SP who couldn't care less about tracking their progress .
    They will try the next fad or gimmick lose 15 pounds and then gain 30 back .
    I've done it too , but I have changed since finding SP as long as I keep up with it I do great!!
    2625 days ago
  • RLA1891
    Excuse me . . . did you just go rooting around in my head to write this blog. Be careful in there. I cannot guarantee what you will stumble upon.

    Seriously though I am feeling at one with you right now. emoticon

    I believe one day your mom will really see you for the transformation you have become and will figure it out. Until then you can only make casual suggestions with love and you will be amazed how many she actually starts to pick up on without either of you realizing it.

    Happy weekend! emoticon
    2625 days ago
    I can relate to both. My "specialties" were crash diets. Those were "the quickest fix". I would eat until I reach the point of feeling bad and then I would decide to get rid of it virtually overnight. They were always successful weight wise, but naturally you start eating again and the weight comes back.

    Now I focus primarily on training and don't pay that much attention to food. I eat everything (but sugary stuff) in moderate portions, and sometimes I do end up craving for more but not really hungry. I look at food as a fuel that would get me through my next workout (among other things).

    I hope your mom starts making better choices and starts feeling better. I know from personal experience that when you start doing "crazy" things, it's just a sign how bad you feel on the inside.

    I am sending you and your mom the bestest vibes possible.

    2625 days ago
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