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My first 5K!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last year in July, I had total hip replacement surgery. I was wondering how soon I could return to my favorite activities. It took longer than expected, and then it was hard to get back to the exercise schedule I was used to. I could barely move during the three months before surgery. I was supposed to get back to golfing three months after surgery, but I was still in pain. I knew I had to get back to a walking scheduled before doing much else.

In January, SP offered a bootcamp. I figured that would be a great start for me and I signed up. I am happy to say, I persisted and learned to get back to exercising on a more regular basis.

Then I saw the sign-up for a 5K. I live near the mountains, but spent a couple of months in the California Desert, so I went ahead and signed up. It forced me to walk on a regular basis which I had actually done since January. I also started to golf again while, at home, our friends were pounded with one snow storm after the other.

Once I returned home, I resumed my walking schedule, and realized that walking at or near sea level is quite a different story from walking at 5,200 ft. where we live.

I scheduled the 5K walk for TODAY! My husband and I checked out and marked the 3.11 mile course, yesterday afternoon.

By the time I left this morning, it was totally overcast, 42* and very, very windy. The wind was howling down the mountains. But.....I , proudly, put my SparkPeople baseball cap on and was on my way. I should have worn cloves (the wind felt so cold), but I pulled the sleeves of my sweatshirt over my hands.

Initially, going slightly downhill with the wind in my back, I moved at a pretty good clip. Once I faced the first incline, it was a different story. I didn't think I could keep up the pace. I definitely walked faster than at any time since my surgery, last July. After the first 2.55K, I returned, and was now facing the wind. At times, I could barely put one foot in front of the other, and it started to snow. I saw it snowing up in the mountains a little earlier. I was so glad I had a hooded sweatshirt on and pulled the hood over my cap. At one point I was ready to quit, but since I was on the second half of the 5K, I decided to keep going. I made the 3.1 miles in 48 mins. My goal was to make it under 50 mins. but with the bad weather conditions, I would have taken anything, as long as I finished - which I did. Not bad for a seventy-year old. emoticon

When I returned home, and figuring that I would be cold, my husband Bill had some hot soup waiting for me. Perfect! I also had some hot tea after lunch to warm me up.

Although, I have taken longer walks and hikes in the past, this was the first one since my surgery last summer. I didn't think I would ever be able to do this again. Lesson learned: Never give up!

Thank you, SparkPeople, for the opportunity.
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