FEF Challenge: 3 books

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I will have to post my collage later. It is almost done just have to have a free night to paste it all together. But I do have to say it is going to me AWESOME!!

MAIN CHALLENGE: For this week’s main challenge, create a spring motivation board! You can’t create a virtual one for this week’s challenge, break out your construction paper and scissors and make a board that will inspire you to keep going when things get tough. You do not have to finish it this week, but if you do please share it with your team, it may inspire more than just you!

BONUS: For bonus points, share three of your favorite nutrition and fitness books. Post a blog about why they are your favorites. Be sure to do a blog, not to post it to your team’s chat, so that all the teams in the FEF challenge can benefit from your info. If you do not have three favorites that you’ve already read, go to the library or amazon.com and find three books that you want to read, and blog about why you want to read them.

So here is the bonus challenge books:

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
I love this book. It gives a lot of info about becoming vegan and it's very non-judgemental. I think the Superhero diet would be hard to live with and is a little unrealistic for "normal" people. She also has a web site that is AWESOME that has all kinds of info about all things vegan. FAshion, green living, families, pregnancies! It's thekindlife.com

Eat clean diet by Tosca Reno
This is a great book. It has meal plans (even family, vegetarian, and vegan!) It's super easy to read. Good recipes! Tosca is so inspiring too. This lady is (dare I say it) 50 years old and looks amazing!

Self, Fitness, and Oxygen Magazine
Ok so the last 3 photos are not books but they are a wonderful way to get new ideas!
I am a huge magazine junkie, They have every this you could want recipes, workout ideas, fashion, and everyone favorite, star gossip!
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