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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Music: "Love Changes Everything", Sarah Brightman..

Give yourself the pleasure to put it on full screen.

Below I have collected some quotes from a great, great teacher: José Silva.
It is many years since I took the course, I have not forgotten, but maybe just let it get a little rusty and dusty.
Well time to get the dust away and bring the old tools forward. Just because I learned it more than 15 years ago, no reason for not using them today - No?

It is all about what we create in our minds, and what we ask for. So why not begin asking and creating those pictures in the minds.

Quotes by José Silva:

"Every day, in every way, I am getting better, better, and better."

"May the rest of your life, be the best of your life."

"We do not want to gain at someone else's loss; we want to gain while helping the other person to also gain."

"How much help you get, from higher intelligence, depends on how big your plans are. The bigger your plans are - meaning... how many people will benefit - the more help you will qualify for."

"The greatest discovery you'll ever make, is the potential of your own mind."

"There is no such thing as a problem without a solution, only problems for which we do not yet have enough information to know what the solution is. When you have enough information, it is easy to solve a problem."

"We don't batter down doors. If you keep encountering obstacles, then back up and look around, you might see another door that will open easily for you."

"We don't break the laws of physics. Laws don't break... people do. If you are ignorant of the law of gravity and jump off a building, you are going to suffer as a result."

"Love one another means to help one another."

"Do not ask for more than what you need, but do ask for no less than what you need."

"All religions are roads to the same God, whether we believe it or not."

"hen we forget to use visualization and imagination, itis like not using our minds.

"We don’t knock down doors. If it opens, okay. If not, look for another door."

"If you do the right job then money will come to you. Because people who need you will request, will ask for you, will attract you, and will be willing to pay you for your services."

"Some people are destroyed by their first failure, while others are destroyed by their first major success. So let's have successes in small amounts, leading up to being able to be successful."

"Do not allow the first failure to destroy you, nor success to ruin you."

"A human being is not one who looks like one, it is one who acts like one."

"Success is not for the timid. It is for those who seek guidance, make decisions, and take decisive action."

"As long as you keep yourself centered, and are fulfilling the purpose you were sent here for, you will succeed and be prosperous in all areas of life."

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