A-P-R-I-L Determination and Accountability Team Challenge

Friday, April 08, 2011

A - Accountability: Write a Blog Weekly about the Challenge & ACCOUNT for what was not completed & work on it for the next week.
- This is it - done!

P - Push Yourself! Push-ups
- 3 sets of 15 against the wall daily (can't do full body weight on my edemic arm)

R - Run/Walk: 30mins for 6 out of 7 day (write FREE next to your Day Off)
- Easy: I walk to and from work each day a mile each way and 40-60 minutes treadmill on the weekends

I - Invest: Invest time for YOU! Take at least 15mins p/day to do something for YOU!
- Time for me is the walk to work, my time online with my SparkFriends and when I go to bed and watch a little tv (yes I'm one of those who has a tv in the bedroom)

L - Lunges: As many as possible (daily), there are several variations, all count. MUST do both legs in order to count!
- Another easy one - love those lunges and I do them a lot while walking to work. Get a lot of funny looks, but do I care? Nah.

All completed to satisfaction.
What to work on - increasing pushup and lunge counts.
Thanks IMJUSTDUCKIE for another great challenge to stimulate both body and mind!
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