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Most barriers to your success are man-made.

Friday, April 08, 2011

And most often, you're the man who made them.

- Frank Tyger

This came from SP.

I have thought alot over the years about the barriers I have put up. I am taking a class on eliminating self defeating behaviors. It is religious based and amazing. I love the stuff that I am learning and some of it I had kind of figured out on my own. I just hadn't made the neat and tidy mental connections. I am grateful to the class and the teacher.

As I have been blogging about recently the weight loss has began to show. I don't know if it is in a big way but I am getting comments. The saddest comments are the ones where the people compliment me and ask me what I am doing. I tell them something...then they tell me why that is too hard or impossible for them. It makes me feel sad that they don't try.

As I write that I guess that is why I keep going when I have been on this journey with its ups and downs for so long. But, I am believing that 2011 is my year. I am doing it. I am doing just a bit better than I did last year. I should be able to reach goal weight by this year. But, if I don't I can still travel more later. Isn't that a great blessing. There is no now or never.

It is very freeing to realize that I have created some of my barriers. If I am the creator then I can be the demolisher so much easier than if the barrier comes from some place else.

Thinking outside the box or the fence really allows us to be creative and come up with new solutions. Even if we have made up rules that keep us in. We can use that to our advantage and make up new rules that set us free.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! I LIKE THAT! We sure do get stuck in our own creations. But it is true we can undo them anytime we choose. The key is wanting to. But like you said, so many see all the obstacles to doing so and use them for excuses not to try. Thank you for sharing your ensights.
    3758 days ago
    Don't be sad when others think that what works for you isn't for them. One of three things will happen. 1) They will get to a point where they are willing to give it a try. 2) they will find something different that will still work for them. 3) They will give up. In any case you are not responsible for their journey. If 1 or 2 is the answer for them then we can rejoice with them in their success in their journey. You are an inspiration in any case and so willing to help others. I'm sure that you will never know how much you have affected the journey of those around you, even those who don't choose to take your advice. Keep breaking those barriers, they have no place on your journey :)!
    3766 days ago
    emoticon Blog! Sounds like you are really working on the KEY mental stuff. Keep on making new rules! You are changing your mind and your life!
    3766 days ago
  • CINDYKC2000
    Keep working your program Pam. Those that say that is too hard are not open to trying right now, however, down the road, as they watch you grow and change, will see that it really does work. And maybe they will try for themselves. The key I have learned is that you start slowly and build on it. Then it is not so overwhelming.
    3767 days ago
  • NANCY-
    It is true that sometimes we are our own roadblock, whether it be beliefs or habits.
    I loved that SP email. It generated lots of empowering thoughts and actions.

    3767 days ago
  • PROT358
    "If I am the creator than I can be the demolisher." So true and so convicting! Thank you for sharing your insights.
    3768 days ago
    i loved this blog . as long as your moving forward your not moving backward...my hubby lost 90 pounds and he is not even at the weight that the charts say he should be at about 10-20 pounds over everyone and i mean everyone gave him grief over it.. he used to have a baby face he doesn't anymore and everyone has said he has aged to him but you know he is eating so much healthier now. and taking care of himself so much more.
    what i told him is that people that have issues with his weight are people that are over weight them self and have problems facing their own weaknesses. the people are saying things to him never saw him at a healthy weight before.. his mom has even said stuff i told her a couple of fridays ago that he is eating allot healthier then he ever was and his cholestrail is only 182. she said i wish mine was that low...
    you are a great example to those around you and when they see you reach your goals.. seeing is believing and some people have to see it first..and keep of the weight they will come to you for advice and they will believe they can do it too... emoticon
    3768 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4363972
    Good for you!
    3768 days ago
    This class has been great for you. Not that you don't know the information, but it is put together well and is here at a time in your life when it clicks.

    Keep moving onward, forward, progressing, etc. You are right that the timetable is your own and not some random number. Enjoy your journey.
    3768 days ago
    I really like your idea that I am the Creator of barriers therefore I can eliminate them too. Now I have to find a way to demolish my late-night Carb fest. Thanks for sharing this! It is brilliant!
    3768 days ago
    LOVE this post! Crash down those barriers you have set around you. And if some have been set by others figure a way to go around them! 2011 WILL be THE year!!! I too have tried for years and this is the year I'm going to make it happen. I have too much to lose by the end of December but I can lose the majority and be on the right track.

    Thanks for making me take some internal evaluations! Just what I needed to have a successful day!

    Have a GREAT weekend!
    3768 days ago
    Profound. You are transforming your mind. You are helping me think new thoughts. You're right; it is quite liberating. Thank you!
    3768 days ago
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