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Friday, April 08, 2011

Hello Spark Friends!!! Happy Friday!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I changed my Spark ID from Dietjunkie2 TO Runner4Life08. I wanted to change my ID to something a little more positive and something that fits me now.

When I picked Dietjunkie2 I was in a depressing state of mind. I was just starting out and had nothing positive to say about myself. Now I am feeling good about myself. I am getting healthier and love my new lifestyle. So the old ID had to go.....

I chose Runner4Life08 because I really love to run. If I can't run, I almost get a little depressed about it. I am the type of person that gets a little jealous at runners if I am not running. Like for instance, yesterday I was biking and saw a runner and wished I were running right then. I do love biking but I love running more. I run through all seasons and through all weather conditions. I just LOVE to run!

The "08" is added to my spark name because that is the year that I started learning how to run again. I ran cross country back in High-school so I was used to long distance running. But after gaining weight and having kids I was way out of shape for the sport. I trained myself by running around the track. I would run one lap, then walk one, run two, and walk one....... and so on. It was tough but I stuck to it. I also ran my very first 5k race in 2008. It again was tough but I pushed through it and completed the race without walking so it was a huge accomplishment. So 2008 will always be special to me because that is the year that sparked my passion for running.

Getting a new ID has made a new little spark in me! I am a new person since I have started this journey with Spark People. I have changed so much and have a better outlook on my life. So that is me.....Runner4Life08!
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