Ate at Olive Garden and Still was able to do good on Calories - Awesome!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Today was a stellar good day, I'm sure my sodium intake was a bit high cause everything at Olive Garden is high in sodium - though I cut out about 1000 mg from the salad just by asking for light salad dressing and no croutons -and having my salad dressing on the side and just dipping the fork in with every bite.

I hardly used any salad dressing at all-but it still tasted like it was tossed in it.

I even had 3 servings of Chicken and Gnochi soup, 5 breadsticks, and salad and my calories for the day were about 2200 or so. (Breakfast and dinner was both fruit and make up for the high cal lunch)..

To be honest working out, and my big lunch made me extremely tired when we got home that I fell asleep and when I woke up didn't have much of an appetite but figured I should get a serving or two of fruits in me for good measure.

As for my workout today - I worked like a dog. I burned about 1500 calories, but my workout isn't just cardio but also strength. I use 4 Pull buoys - instead of using them as intended I wrap 2 around each arm if you don't know what they are they look like this:

The one on the left my hand fits through - I make sure the strap is around my thumbs so that it doesn't slip up my arm and so I have the weight at my hands, then I also hold a water dumbell in my hand - then I swim back and forth a few times, I also do butterflies - not the swimming stroke, but the weight lifting all the way up and down the pool. I also move my arms in many different patterns so as to work the most amount of muscles.

I do this for about 3 hours a day 3x per week. I'm definitely noticing it beginning to build some good muscles for me and it is definitely a good workout. I also just walk back and forth as much as I can, sometimes I'll take some weight off to relax my arms for a bit.

Today I made 50 full laps, which is 50 x 50 yards = 7500 feet, or about 1.5 miles. Not too shabby at all. Going to aim for 100 laps by the end of the month even if I need an extra hour to workout.

I do think maybe I should have a bit bigger breakfast though - only a yogurt before my workout didn't seem to be enough. Maybe I'll make some turkey bacon, and add some granola to my yogurt for a bit more of a pick--me-up.

Overall though I'm feeling great about myself, and my weight loss this week has been really good - worked out strong monday, and weds, ate good most days, and I lost 25 pounds for the first month - if I do that for a year that's 250 pounds which is a very decent amount, and who knows I could even do better than that.

I'm excited about this journey and each day I feel better and better about myself, my new choices, and I'm finding that I can still enjoy food, I just need to think more about the choices I make about it and - the most important thing I've learned ---

TRACK EVERYTHING! That is the truly only take-a-way that matters to me about Sparkpeople - the people stopping by and commenting and supporting me is great - but the TRACKERS and ANDROID app are the most important thing to me - I'm learning that tracking = goal keeping. When I track, I can stick to my goals, and I can still enjoy food but make healthier choices too.

The tracking also motivates me to keep doing good, and the more healthy days I have the better I feel about myself. I still have rough days of course, but I try to stay positive, and I know that in a year I will be the healthiest I've been in the last decade. And this: emoticon will be me soon enough!
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