HCG Diet? Are you for real?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I just have to get something off of my chest. I was catching up on reading blogs on this site, and for the first time, I heard of the HCG diet craze that is going on right now and how people live on 500 calories and take some kind of hormone shot. Just reading it, made my blood boil.

Background: I am in the position I am today, because of disordered eating. Slim in high school and college, I looked in the mirror and saw fat. I starved myself, then after a few weeks I would lose control and go on a binge fest, (but was unable to make myself purge), then overexercised, then went back to eating nothing but a bag of popcorn and washing it down with a diet coke for the entire day. That's why I'm here. That's why I am 233 pounds and struggling day after day to get my weight under control. I destroyed my body. I destroyed my metabolism. I let it take over my life.

So this AM, I decided to look up the HCG diet plan. I'm not an MD, and I can't believe there are doctors that are actually for this thing, but when did treating yourself as an anorexic become the healthy diet method? Yes, anorexic. You heard me. It sounds crazy. 500 calories??? It used to be called anorexia, and now it's being touted as the next great thing for weight loss? People are willing to starve themselves and get shot up with hormones to lose weight? I just can't wrap my head around it. Maybe because I dealt with eating disorders for so long and now that I am on the other side, well...I just don't believe it.

What happens when you go off your 500 calorie plan? Do you really think you will be able to do that plan forever? Eventually, you will lose control, and your going to gain that weight back and then some.

I don't care if you agree with me or not, or if my post makes you angry. I've been there, and I cannot support anyone on a diet plan that only allows you 500 calories a day. I just can't do it friends, because it's just not healthy in the long run. I just won't.

Now, if you are ready to exercise on a regular basis, attempt to eat healthy on a regular basis and deal with the emotions that put you here in the first place, I've got your back and you know it. But please, do it the old fashioned way and be safe.
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  • no profile photo JMCGILLIVRAY
    Now just for fun, consider this from another angle. I've begun a 21 day HCG diet plan. if done correctly it is followed up by a 30 day maintenance plan which involves carefully eating around 1,500 calories per day along with an exercise regiment.

    Once that 30 days it complete it is totally up to me to ensure I change my lifestyle, deal with my absolute love of food in a much more conservative manner, and maintain healthy weight-loss from that point on until I reach and maintain my goal weight. At 6 feet tall, I'm 230 now and have watch the needle climb for a good 20 years from way back when I was living a much more active life and weighted 180. I figure somewhere in the 180 - 190 and bringing exercise back into my life is where I really want to be.

    Unfortunately I have had way too many false starts where I try the healthy, slow and steady route and quickly fall off course and get frustrated - seeing a pound or two per week just doesn't give me the immediate gratification I seem to need. So I'm trying more drastic measures with perhaps less than 100% healthy "Jump Start" to get the ball rolling. Does 500 calories per day mean I'm Anorexic - I certainly don't imagine so given that it will only last 21 days, but cal it what you like.

    If I screw up again and don't commit to a long-term change in lifestyle shame on me. If the jump-start approach is successful and I kick the first 20 or so pounds in a month and then pace it from there, good for me. I really doubt that endless bad things will happen to me and my body during a short regiment of starvation, but time shall tell I guess. On the bright side I've been "starving" myself for 4 days now and amazingly seem to be still feeling and functioning pretty well!

    I really don't get why you are "sooooo mad", or your "blood is boiling" as a result of decisions other people make for themselves - make your own decisions and do what's best for you...
    2831 days ago

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    You said it girl! I've never heard of this diet either until like a week ago or something. It makes me sooooo mad also. The reason why I'm here is because of the same thing...starvation, diet pills, extreme diets. I had tortured my body and put it thru h*ll so I will not support anyone with this diet and thinking it's healthy. My metabolism is shot and I'm trying to get it back up again. I'm at a plateau right now because I'm not eating enough. And it's so hard to wrap my brain around that thought but it's true. And I was eating about 1300-1400 calories. I still have that "starvation" thinking in my brain and I don't want to read about others starving themselves. I need to read about people who are doing this the old fashioned way and hear their success stories of how they eat a lot (in my mind) and still lose weight. That's the support I need - not this 500 calorie/hormone bull. I'm trying to aim for 1500-1700 a day now and I'm struggling. I have to force myself to eat sometimes. That's not a good thing. My goal now is to get fit and healthy. This doctor for this diet is a quack! LOL sorry...that was my little rant! Good for you for realizing what it takes to get fit and healthy.
    2908 days ago
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