OGT&H: Days 21 (3/28) through 30 (4/6)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

(AKA) Operation Get Thin and Healthy: Days 21 through 30 (Monday 3/28 through Wednesday 4/6). Until I reach my goals, I'm following the Eat to Live Plan and moving my body!

Last week was successful. I went to an abs class on Monday and Friday. I went to yoga on Tuesday and I worked out on the AMT and the elliptical on Thursday and Friday. I also did weights on Monday and Thursday. Wednesday was a half day of school for the kids in my program so I spent from 7am to 9am with them and then went back and took care of them from 11am to 6pm. It was an amazing day outside, 55 degrees and sunny! So the kids played tag outside. I was “it” for hours! What amazing exercise! Unfortunately, I had bad shin splints the next day.

My eating was a success last week too. I made a new recipe from “Appetite for Reduction” called “Caribbean Curried Black-eyed peas with Plantains.” It was outstanding. My boyfriend hated it so there was more for me. I’d never had plantains before and they tasted so sweet steamed and contrasted nicely with the spicy curry. My only variation to the recipe was to leave out the jalapeño pepper. I’m not a huge fan of burning my tongue! Other than that, I stuck with my smoothies and salads.

I noticed that I had a sore throat on Wednesday. I drank my throat coat tea and kept moving. It progressed until I woke up on Saturday morning. I tried to get dressed for Zumba and realized how sick I was. I’ve had three or four sinus infections every year since I’ve been 20. I recognized right away what I had. I called my doctor and he immediately prescribed antibiotics. I was out of commission the entire weekend. I dragged myself into work on Monday morning and found a sub for the afternoon. I hate missing work because I don’t get paid. I made it through yesterday and today I almost feel human again. I’m just tired. I took my last antibiotic pill today. Hopefully, I’m on the upswing and can return to the gym tomorrow. I miss it!!

The reason I get so many sinus infections is due to two things: (1) severe environmental allergies and (2) a “slightly” deviated septum. My allergies are really bad right now due to my home environment. We have been doing a lot of construction. Our house is just filthy and full of dust. I feel like this is out of my control. The construction has been non-ending for the last three years. My house is the biggest source of grief and stress for me.

In my quest for better health, I’ve determined that I can’t keep taking antibiotics for sinus infections. One of my ETL Facebook friends recently posted a response from Dr Fuhrman about sinus infections and allergies. I’m going to repost it here, in case it helps anyone:

DR F: The more antibiotics you take the more it creates the right environment for future, more serious infections. The trick is to eat very carefully, no slip ups, no overeating, and incorporated some days of light juice fasting, take probiotics, and see if you can break the cycle without resorting to antibiotics. Many people here can tell you that their sinus infections are a thing of a past. Losing weight does help as it the excess weight could be part of the reason the sinuses openings are compressed too small and does not drain well. (I don’t think weight is my problem. I think the deviated septum is the reason for my sinuses not draining well.)

Dr. F: You can try a modified juice fast or real water fasting. The modified juice fast is just vegetable juice and raw salad with no dressing for 5 days. If you are mostly clear after that but not totally well you could move on to a few more days of just water and then back to the modified juice fast and then move back to eating food, but not overeating. (I can’t imagine doing this, but never say never…)

My eating and sleeping have been all over the place over the past four days. Plus, I haven’t gotten any exercise. I hate being sick. I’m looking forward to starting fresh again tomorrow!
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  • SUNNYH99
    Very interesting, Debbie. Thanks for putting in those quotes from Dr. F. I am being treated for a stye and have some antibiotic eye ointment I'm using twice day rather than the 4X the MD ordered. He gave me a script for a Z-Pak antibiotic to fill if it doesn't heal. It 's getting better, so I haven't. Thanks for the info that it's better if I don't!

    3612 days ago
    Debbie, that is so sad that your home is the greatest source of stress for you! That should be the one "safe" place you can count on! Is there any end in sight for the construction?

    I love the Carribian Curried Black-Eyed Peas with Plantains (chickpeas?) I use Black-eyed peas. I love burning my face off, so I used a half of a habenero when I make it. Hubby hates burning his face off tho, so I get it all to myself! MWAHAHAHAHAH! *wink*
    3612 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6646698
    Sorry you're having such trouble the past few days with feeling sick! Sounds like you're still keeping your nutrition in tact though...so way to go on that! I hope that you can over come those sinus infections...that is no fun at all!
    3613 days ago
  • BANJO_13
    Oh, man. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds awful. Rest up as much as possible and take good care of yourself.
    3613 days ago
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