On the road back....

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

at least i hope i am on the road back...

i really miss having time to be here on spark. i really think my absence has been felt especially in my attitude. i have been rather non chalant in my approach of late, i have been satisfied with no losing and not gaining... well, actually it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, i gain 5 - i lose 5 - i gain 5 - i lose five... well, you get the picture.

work has been seriously holding me back and i am pretty sure the stress, which is not going to go away, is part of my problem. i also tried something new for a month. i tried taking cinnamon supplements, which have been tooted has being able to attack belly flab, and that experiment was a bust. during the time i was using it, i lost nothing - no weight and no inches. however, on the flip side, as soon as i stopped taking the supplements, i immediately began losing again. i am now down 6lbs in 8 days.

overall, i have been keeping up with the gym - if i didn't i would not be sane. i have found that the gym is my outlet, my haven, my release. i always feel better after going to the gym. amen for that!

i have also done ok with my calories and nutrient intake. lots of veggies and sticking somewhere inside my calorie range has been going well, with only a few days of eccentric behavior (lol, if you can believe that). i guess i am a better cook than i care to relate because i always go overboard when i cook sunday dinners. mmmmm yummy. while they are quite healthy meals, too much of anything is not a good thing, as we all know.

so, i put my car in the shop to fix the issues from when i got rear ended a while ago and i had a rental car. needless to say, someone pulled into my line on the road at a crazy speed and i ended up clipping their car. well, i don't exactly work in the best area and they people in the other car took off like a bat out of hell. my guess is they were either on drugs, uninsured or illegals, since that is the modis operendi in my neck of the woods. so, as it be, i am stuck with the damn deductible for the accident. just a little more excitement to add to my plate.

my sister's mother-in-law passed the other day. tomorrow i will be going to the wake and friday the funeral. i knew her well as our families always shared events and holidays. she had been ill of late and dementia had started setting in which made things all the worse. that is not something i wish on anyone.

i do have this itching every night to snack endlessly. i have dinner. i'm full. yet, something keeps pulling at me to keep munching. and i know it is not the right thing to do but there are just times that i cannot help myself. i wish i could get a better grip on this particular situation, but it is tough. and i know i am not alone in this.

enough babbling for now. i have to get ready for work. i have to go to a meeting today for several hours on my day off. oh yayyyy. i am so excited i cannot contain myself.

thanks for your support and friendship.

hugs and well wishes to all

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    Ya snacks in the evening is my downfall also. That's one of the reasons my DH and I gained weight, besides the overeating.
    Trying to pick better snacks and less of them.

    Deanna in Dacula, GA
    2536 days ago
    oh, I know how that feels... the gaining 5 pounds, losing 5 pounds kind of thing! :( and, I also know about that snacking after dinner feeling. :( it was nice to see another blog from you... after awhile! missed reading your blogs! :(

    hope you're having a good week.
    2569 days ago
  • ALICEM13
    I'm so sorry about all the stress you are under. I'm also sorry for your families loss.I too go threw the same thing, especially if I wake up in the middle of the night(witch I do often). Chains on that frig wont keep me out! What ever is handy is in my mouth.Sometimes I can stop"the madness" by reminding myself that I'm looking for comfort....that I'm tired &need to sleep. Anyway, hang in there Kat, one thing is for certain........CHANGE.This is all just temporary. emoticon ....Alice
    2573 days ago
    Oh, so nice to hear from you, but sorry about the stress, car boo boo, and of course, your sister in law. Major sad, I am very sorry for your loss.
    BUT, I too was having after dinner need to eat thing, so I went to google images, and found a clock at 7:30. I put this on my fridge. Now, if I want to open the fridge, it has to be before 7:30, or nope, no food. It is my reminder that I can't... Shouldn't, why do I want to reminder...
    Ya, that whole up 3 down 4 up 5 down 2, stinks, I too am going through that but hope to break out soon...

    Be safe, Be well,

    2577 days ago
    It sounds like you've been having a lot of stress. I hope that life will get less stressful for you soon. I've also been wanting to snack a lot lately, I just feel so hungry some days, and then others barely get to my minimum calories. I think most people go through the lose a couple gain a couple time at some point during their weight loss journey. This happened for me during the holiday season.
    2577 days ago
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