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Monday, April 04, 2011

He-looooooo.....tell me, how can you not love this comical little face?

Every evening we have more and more sulfur-crested cockatoos coming to our backyard to socialise and have a bite of multigrain bread. I think they are my favorite birds simply because they are so full of character. You simply cannot remain in a bad mood for long when you have this large white bird bobbing and "chatting" with you. One of the more dominant birds will very quietly perch on the clothesline right by the window and just wait til one of us notices.

We are really enjoying our nightly bird lesson. We learn so much just watching and listening. Two nights ago, one bird was putting on an acrobat display for me. He was twirling around on the clotheline rod looking for all the world like a gymnast on the uneven bars. I wish I'd grabbed the camera but I was too entertained!

This birdie looks like he's going to come right in the window....
This is grooming behaviour. Reminds me of the famous Greek or Roman statue of The Three Graces.
My husband took this photo. The two rainbow lorikeets came down to see what the fuss was about. They are very shy birds and husband says it's very unlikely we'll ever be able to hand-feed them. We put bread out though and these two come every day now for a nibble. So beautiful!
And this is from last night....when there were countless birds here. I think they invited friends along. Some of the birds aren't shy, others aren't sure they trust me yet, and others just wait patiently for the bread that ends up on the garage roof.

It's sort of an odd experience to have twenty or more of these very large birds all around...then suddenly one squawks a warning and off they go.
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