Why I'm Glad I Had a Slip

Monday, April 04, 2011

Last night I went about 1000 calories over my recommended amount.

GOOD news is its not the end of the world.

BETTER news is I got right back on track this morning.

BEST news is I now know this place works and I'm in it for keeps.

I ate too much because I was hungry. I'm thinking I wasn't getting enough protein. I was within my zone for protein but on the low end because I'd run out of calories (and I do better on the high end of protein), so basically I hadn't balanced my nutrition properly. Part of this is because I live on an island and the one small store is out of a lot, so my supplies are limited, and my frozen food order from Schwann's which was due last week didn't arrive because of rough seas that cancelled the boat. So I wasn't getting the right balance of food and that sort of started to throw things out of wack.

You think you got it tough. Try dieting without a nice big grocery store nearby.

I'm very happy that I didn't resort to ice cream and beer (which the store has plenty of) and I attest that to my new way of thinking that Spark People has instilled in me. I thought about ice cream and beer but I didn't go buy any because I think now before I eat.

I taught myself to listen to my body, not my brain, when it comes to hunger. I use an apple as a meter. It goes like this: I think I'm hungry but I'm not sure if A) I'm really hungry or B) my brain wants junk, so I ask myself if an apple sounds good. If it does I know I'm hungry. If an apple doesn't sound good (but a snickers bar does) I know I'm not really hungry. I tell my brain to shut up.

That's my Apple Meter Test.

Last night I was honest to goodness hungry for real food. It wasn't emotional craving. So I had seconds on dinner, and then fruit, and then bread. I went overboard but I didn't eat sugar, luckily because I don't keep it around. But it was within reach. I'm glad that I didn't succumb. That's saying something about the changes I've made.

I'm in charge now, not my cravings.
I am worth way more than giving up.
I'm not the list of mistakes I've made.
I love myself too much to give up.
I am a One Woman Crusade.

I learn best from mistakes. But remember, its not just important to learn from your mistakes. Its important to understand your mistakes.

In the past I would have put this down for sucking at dieting, being a loser, or I would probably have blamed my circumstances, and I would have given up. Today I know I'm not a loser. Last night I knew it. I didn't let it bother me. I understood I made a mistake balancing my food and it backfired on me, and I need to try harder when my supplies are limited. I can't use it as an excuse. I need to plan better next time, because despite my limited groceries I could have planned better.

So here's to making one slip a lesson learned instead of reason to fail.

Go spread the Spark.

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  • CORDIA72
    Gotta love that Apple Meter Test that you've come up with. Genius!!
    3668 days ago
    Absolutely awesome blog! You are inspiring. I am definitely going to use the apple meter test. Thank you!

    By the way, I have no idea what I would do if I didn't have a huge grocery store around! Yikes! I think there are about 6 within a few minutes drive.

    3668 days ago
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