Cheat vs. Cheated

Monday, April 04, 2011

Cheat vs. Cheated

What is cheating? Dictionary.Com refers to cheating as the act of "defrauding, swindling or trying to elude." But I do not believe in diets. To me the word diet is synonmous with temporary loss, which is always followed by a monumental gain. Lets consider this small scenario.

***A dress in a size 6 the only dress left in this cut and color is the perfect dress. Lara who is happily a size 8 covets the size 6 dress and tells herself that she will diet and wear this dress. Lara does fit into the dress and when the event is over and she hangs it in her closet at the end of the night, make-up removed, magic of the evening gone she resumes normal life. Being a size 8 perhaps sometimes slightly thick in the middle she begins to eat as she would normally. With one exception. Because she denied herself treats and other things of that nature to wear her perfect dress she now orders them more often, This is due in part to the thinking that she can do this in order to gain back her size 8 figure. The problem? She does this for over a month, cheeseburgers, cookies (you get the picture) suddenly she doesnt fit her clothing. She is a size 10. How can this happen?***

Because diets dont work, they cause weight gain in the end. We have been taught to think of a diet as a solution to our weight problems but how can diet -which in lay-mens terms means temporary- change your life? YOU are not changing your LIFESTYLE!
This brings me around to the real heart of my blog article. I am changing my life, my lifestyle. I want to learn how to eat healthily, be active and simply put bask in the wonder that IS life.
But changing my life in terms of health should not change who I am. I've always been fun-loving, wonderous of the world. The first to volunteer for the most odd ball schemes as a child. So If I go on a cruise and a chef makes creme brulee and other exotic foods I have never tried do I pass by them because I do not want to "cheat"?

If my husband arranges a date night full of romance and wonder with a trip to a wonderful restaurant where reservations are required and an actual maitre d greets us at the door instead of a gum chewing, miserable, sleep deprived college student, do I eat barely anything, or "cheat" enjoy a great meal in a place I may never be back to and then wallow in my guilt and upon arrival at home slip into something more comfortable that favors a Nike swoosh and hit the elliptical machine. "Sorry dear," I will say as I pound the miles away. "I indulged myself during our dinner and I cannot enjoy the evening with you in our home, where we watch a movie and cuddle on our couch actually being with each other and enjoying the moment." All because I feared the idea that I cheated? Well the answer is NO, NO and NO! If I were to do this did I "cheat" on my lifestyle change because I enjoyed myself for an evening once a month, or have I "cheated" myself out of something? I am still losing nearly 9lbs a month without sacrificing my happiness with myself OR my loved ones.

We are not just changing our lives, but their lives too. And I am never going to trade an evening with the 1 person that knows EVERYTHING about me and STILL loves me ^_^ to do cardio because I am in fear of the scale the next morning. If the scale shows an extra lb the next day I guess I'll have to be more vigilant the few days after. Time is precious and moments that are magical even more precious, too fleeting. More quickly than your next reflexive breath life can change. Do you want the last opportunity to enjoy yourself or someone you love to be wasted because you were afraid of a lb or 2 gained?

I dont "cheat" if i have nachos and cheese at the drive-inn movies or when I eat an ice cream cone this summer from my favorite place after my husbands family reunion which is a small tradition we do. Perhaps I have a smaller cone or not as many nachos which shows my change in lifestyle. But did I "cheat" no, I refuse to ever consider I have "cheated" myself out of life. Some people may read this and say to themselves "well she doesnt want to give up being fat" That is not the case, food is an entertainment and because I am not letting it entertain me day after day which is what I normally would do I am allowing myself those special moments that truly count with friends and family to be entertained. If our lives are over all healthy because we have changed our manner of thinking on a regular basis then why are we not allowed a few moments of indulgence without fear? Please remember your loved one is along on this ride with you too but if you race home to perform yoga or pilates and leave them to the television set I fear you may find you no longer have magical moments spent together because they dont want to feel left behind, the after thought of your neurotic need to make up for that shared piece of cake during your anniversary dinner.

So did you "cheat" or have you "cheated" yourself out of something?
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  • RAD062010
    Cheat....no.... never.


    But there is a heck of a lot of negotiations going on all the time.


    Great Blog!
    2504 days ago
    I agree with you on this, Great post!
    2606 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2606 days ago
  • ALLISON145
    I'm with you - my struggle however is to keep that little voice inside my head from convincing me that every night out or every dinner at a restaurant or every trip to an amusement part is a truly special occasion that warrants throwing good choices out the window. I'm going on a cruise in November and fully intend to eat whatever sounds fabulous when I go, but to be where I want to be by the time we leave for the trip I need to seriously cut back on the amount of food/treats I feel like I "deserve" until then. It's a tough balance, for sure! I may start weighing daily like you have to keep myself accountable... I just find myself getting preoccupied if the number doesn't go the way I expect it to based on my level of effort... how do you manage that??

    2607 days ago
    good for you
    2607 days ago
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