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What's a Wog?

Saturday, April 02, 2011

On today's bike trip to Marathon we rode through the village of Killawog. My mental lint of the day was: How in the world did they come up with that name?

Wikipedia to the rescue: "The name Killawog referred to a young resident who had died in the town in a buggy accident, and a racial slur, however, no one really protested the new name, and it has stuck." Go figure!

Today was an absolutely *PICTURE PERFECT* day for my first ride of the season! I was in desperate need for it too...the past 3 days have been EXTREMELY busy and demanding and I had three days of NO WORKOUTS!

I was beating myself up for this and being very negative and insecure wondering if I would even be up for the challenge of a 40 mile ride, first one of the season after doing NOTHING for three days. I even found myself wondering if I could ENJOY riding like I have in the past...! It's scary how easily one can slide down the slippery slope of stinkin' thinkin'...

Silly me! Had a GLORIOUS ride with around 15 other bike club members.

It was a two-parter: For the longer ride some started in Chenango Forks (my backyard...!) and for a shorter ride we picked up a bunch in Whitney Point who joined us for our ride to Marathon for the Maple Festival today.

I had some nice stretches in which I felt the old mojo returning: yeah, I could hit the road for days on end and find my piece of heaven on two wheels! :-)

Re-learned my checklist of necessities to take...headed off on my bike with my eyes welling right up with tears: forgot my sunglasses! I always ride with sunglasses that pretty well cover my eyes so they don't tear up so much. Back to the car to get 'em. Take off again...felt great, wind through my hair...say WHAT? HELMET! Forgot my HELMET! Turned back again to the car for my helmet. FINALLY READY! :-)

I was near the head of the pack most of the way. Nippy at first but I shouldn't have worried, warmed right up. Every stop I shed my helmet and jacket down to ye olde t-shirt and sweat pants to cool down.

Along the way there were a couple of good sized hills (not KILLER, but demanding) so I decided to test my Spinning skills and do something I haven't yet done on my bike: Standing Uphill Climbs! Whew! Knocked my socks off, but great to celebrate the strength in my legs to be able to do this!

I learned a tip from a fellow member of the club regarding one of cyclists' biggest fears: the dreaded dog chase! He takes a dog whistle! :-)

I didn't stay in Marathon for long. With a bazillion pancakes with maple syrup going down it seemed to be a typical American food spectacle just loaded with unhealthy fare.

So I stretched, watered up and hit the road for my return with another club member who joined me. On my homeward journey I took a few pics as it just seemed incredible to have snow still here & there in April.

Everything seemed so MARCH-like that I couldn't help but think of my favorite song to celebrate spring:

First by the maestro composer himself, Jobim:


Next two different performances by Oscar Castro-Neves (my favorite rendition of the song!)



And last, a more hip-hop update courtesy Sergio Mendes (for riding in the car, playing loud with the windows down!):


Tomorrow promises to be another great day and I plan to mix it up a bit: ride my bike down to Otsiningo and take a crack at jogging a 5k and ride home.

Wish me luck! :-)

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