Saturday, April 02, 2011

The pining for youthful exuberance can sometimes lead to realization of painful limits. As spring 2011 begins to unfold in the mid-west we have to remember to start slowly. Even though the weather appears warm, the ground is still too cold to plant. Although it is warm enough to apply woodchips or mulch, the flowers and veggies need to wait at least two more weeks. Sigh, just when we have a few days our intelligence forestalls inappropriate actions. I cannot wait but I must, and such is life.

All good things come at the price of continuous improvement. We are not perfect and will never be, Rather we are programmed to be better, to strive for better, to be “more perfect”. If you think of the preamble to the US constitution, this context of the founders’ words makes sense. We are going to be who we are, nothing more and nothing less. Yet we get to decide who we are. Therein lays the rub.

I must choose every moment to be better. I must choose to love, to live, to be. I must not let others deride my time or value me less than I value myself. Thus, I must choose some painful realities as this summer encroaches into view. There will be less to go around and less to spend. So, we shall enjoy each other and be frugal with our resources. That is the way it was meant to be.

Live your dreams.

Live today as you wish for tomorrow.

Be at Peace
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