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Where is that wagon, anyway?

Friday, April 01, 2011

I can't say I've fallen off of the wagon, because I don't think I was ever on it.

Some people lose weight when they are stressed, but I am the opposite. In the past few months, I've gone through a move, a continuing lawsuit, working my butt off at work, planning an out of state trip for 20 people, and lots more. When I get stressed, I get sick; I get sick and I eat.

Last week, I went to the doctor after being sick the entire previous week. I had a severe sinus infection and both ears were infected. Exactly one month prior, I had flu symptoms that included a 102 fever and another ear infection. I was sick a few months before that as well.

I haven't worked out since January. The last time I worked out was at our old apartment. We were snowed in, and the office was closed. I took advantage of the situation by working out. The following day we were also snowed in, but our apartment flooded septic water. (Lovely, right?) We spent the next 6 weeks spending all of our free time looking for a new place to live, packing, and moving. The next few weeks were spent unpacking (and we're still not done).

It was an upwards move from an apartment into a house, but that also meant we had to move further away from the city to be able to afford a place as nice. My commute to work is now 40 minutes instead of 20. By the time I get home, it is late and I am exhausted and starving. As a result, my husband and I have been eating out a lot, and I've gained weight.

I used to work out when I got home from work. I could eat a light snack before leaving work, and that would tide me over for my workout and a late dinner. But now I get in so late, and I am so tired I have lost the motivation to work out.

So I try not to be TOO hard on myself with everything I have been dealing with. Yet, I know that I need to change, and I can't wait for life to calm down before I do that.

I now know that I am going to have to start going to bed early so that I can get up early and work out. I am not a morning person in any sense of the word, and I cherish every minute I get to stay in bed in the mornings. That is going to have to change.

I have also been wanting a bike for years. There is an amazing bicycle trail not too far from where we live. I just need to be able to afford a bike (I'm looking at used mountain bikes on Craigslist) and a bike rack for my little sedan. The weather will be nice soon, and I'd love to return to my favorite childhood exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

A few months ago, I bought a month of kickboxing classes at a gym from Groupon. I have the better part of a year before the coupon expires, but I was hoping to be physically able to take the classes by May/June. I've been doing shadowboxing/kickboxing for years now, with Turbo Jam, Gold's Gym Cardio Workout (Boxing for Wii), and cardio kickboxing classes at the gym. This kickboxing class is a REAL kickboxing class, with personal instructors and punching bags and everything. I was always the largest girl in my kickboxing class at the gym (before the instructor left and they put a personal trainer in her place that didn't know the first thing about choreographing kickboxing moves), but I was still able to keep up. I wouldn't want to fall out in the middle of the hardcore class, and I wouldn't want to be so sore that I couldn't walk for a week so that I could get the most out of the coupon and go to class at least couple of times a week.

I'm going to put all of these goals on the sidebar of my profile so I don't forget.

*Get up early for morning workouts
*Eat out less (1x per week for lunch and 1x per week for dinner)
*Get a bike and start riding again
*Get into shape for kickboxing class
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    I am right there with you. My life is hectic and stressful right now as well and I'm gaining from it too. I'm going to try something new this next week and maybe it will help you too. I am setting my phone alarm for the mornings with a voice recording as the tone. I am going to be hearing myself screaming at me to move it for my wake up call. Desperate times... LOL I've even thought to be as cruel as to place my "fat" picture on the dining room table. That'll teach me. I think I might be a glutton for punishment...

    All jokes and *some* seriousness aside, you can do this.
    3774 days ago
    I'm sorry you are going through all of this. The good news is that you have come up with a plan- now all you have to do is execute it. Have you thought about maybe doing 30 or so minutes of exercises when food is in the oven & right before you eat? It is a little spare time you could maybe use, and I know I am also not able to eat as much immediately after working out, so it helps with portion control. Just a thought. Or maybe making a weeks worth of food on your days off to keep in the fridge for easy re-heating during the week to free up a little time? Stress sucks to deal with, & so does getting sick because of it. Just keep your chin up, & don't give up! You can so do this!
    3776 days ago
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