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Friday, April 01, 2011

So I was reading on one of my sparkfriend's pages and they were talking about hiding. It made me stop and that what I've been doing all this time?? It wonder the second people have started to notice my weight loss I stop trying. That always confused me...I get it now...I WAS HIDING! I guess it is real comfortable being the funny fat friend. Guess what? There is something great happening to me know! I don't wanna be that girl anymore. I feel like I want to be free. I want to break out of this body that is trying to hold me back. I don't want to hide anymore! I never wrote blogs because then people might get to know me; know how I feel and what I think; know that not only is my body imperfect but I am a person am also imperfect. I'm done with that...My first step in breakng free is my very first blog. Here it is; me telling exactly how imperfect I am and not feeling guilty or bad about it! Here are the note's that I've kept to my-self since starting my fitness journey a couple weeks ago

3/8/11 Walked outside today to work and it felt GREAT! I wasn't exhausted I had plenty of energy and I even got to work early!! :)

Walked to the bank and then to the restaraunt to pick up lunch for the ladies in the office :) I'm on a roll today!!!

Walked home from work to complete my exercise for the day! HOLY HILL!!! hahaha wow that hill to get home was a challenge, but I am excited to see how it gets easier for me as time goes by!

3/9/11 Whew! My legs are feeling it today! It's been a long time since I moved this much! :) its a good thing though. The walk to work is enjoyable time alone with the Lord! :)

Walked to Subway for lunch. It's so much closer than I thought! keep going out and things seem so much more attainable!

Well...that hill is daunting...however, I will conquer that hill...i will enjoy going up that hill and I will reach the top without gasping for breath :) Today it was a tiny bit easier than yesterday...I got this!
3/10/11 Sad news...the weather man said rain so I couldn't walk to work today...good news I exercised before work! Only 15 min. and I burned almost 200 cal.! Wowzers!! Love my Leslie Sansone...the even sadder news is it never rained :( oh, well! I don't have the opportunity to take on the hill today but I have still gotten up and gotten moving. YAY! p.s. did you know I have muscles under those big blogs of fat known as butt cheeks? just saying...i feel them they're there

sooo...Fasting day so no lunch but still no rain so I went on a nice walk for my lunch break...Even got a new plate for's amazing the things you find on the street...lots of little mom and pop shops LOVE THIS NEW ME!!
3/11/11 Stupid rain ruined my walk...oh well...Mrs. Sansone worked it ou for me 2 mile walk this morning before work woot wooot!
3/18/11 Finally a walk to work...I almost let myself drive again but I'm SO glad I walked! It's a beautiful day just me and my mp3 praising all the way to work!

Loved the walk home just wish I would've had my sneakers :) I love the breeze...hmmm maybe another one with the kids this evening :)

No walk outside but I'm super excited that Sparking encouraged me to get up and move :) Love my Leslie we walked away the pounds tonight! over 400 cal. burned! I was feeling guilty about some girl scout cookies earlier but I feel better least i have made the effort to counter act the useless calories from a moment of weakness. NO MORE WEAK only STRONG! Yeeehaw!

3/19/11 Another beautiful day. spring is near. This weather is perfect for walking! The ocean breeze is enough to keep me cool while the sun makes it warm enough to wear one layer :) YAY for spring! It was a very peaceful walk to work this morning. I think I'm gonna amp it up for the walk home!

3/22/11 I didn't feel like exercising today but by the grace of God I made my-self do the first walking video (thinking about the 3500 cal. Challenge). I did it and felt good...Took a shower and decided I would also walk to work. The walk started off slow but thanks to some great prayer time with incredibly motivating praise and worship I was soon power walking and even started raising my arms to praise! Hahaha I forgot for a minute I was walking on the street! It felt great by far one of the best walks yet!

I got offered a ride home from work today...BUT I turned it down! Thank God I did! That hill is tuff but I did it!! and looking at the fitness tracker makes me feel like I accomplished something!

3/23/11 whooohooo!!! I woke up this morning and did two miles of interval training with my friend Leslie :D Then Walked to work :) YAY! This 3500 cal. challenge has motivated me!!

3/24/11 Fooey! Snow ruined my morning walk but thats okay. Still hung out with my buddy Leslie. I'm thinking about trying a new work out also but I chicken out every time! Oh...well at least I'm moving :D

3/28/11 No morning walk today although it would have been a good day to walk. I was running late and WATP burns more calories than the walk to work so it wins by default :D It's all about the numbers today baby!

3/29/11 okay so...Cardio kickboxing made me realize how uncoordinated I am... oh well i stuck it out...didn't follow exactly but I know I was moving the whole time and I didnt quit and I REALLY WANTED TO! YAY for not being a quitter! Hahaha I think I'll be back to my friend Leslie later today :D

3/30/11 Rough morning...I just wanted to sleep and felt like instead of my usual work out I read the Word :D God always makes me feel better :-) Now I will be strong enough to work hard when I get out of work. YAY for motivation!

so my weight loss journey started when I was born...hahaha J/k started on 3/7/11 when I went to the doctor and she told me in the meanest way that I needed to do an hour of exercise everyday and if I wanted to get down to around 200 lbs. which is reasonable not ideal but reasonable, then I would need to step it up to three hours a day three times a week plus the one hour on the other days. Now I know that's crazy talk but it got me motivated. I was having issues with my vision being blurred and my blood preassure was a little high which is probably what caused the blur in vision. So I needed a swift kick in the butt. When I started to spark I entered the weight of 252 lbs. which is what the dr. scale said. I should have entered 255 lbs. which is what my scale at home said; but to be honest I liked the smaller number. Well I worked out for two weeks and GAINED A POUND! I went to 256. I was annoyed but I realized that I could have just gained some muscle so I kept on chuggin. Well I stepped on the scale yesterday and I finally LOST THREE POUNDS! Now I am going to be completely honest with ya'll and let you know that I haven't been eating perfectly but I have been making small changes for the better. I feel better. I dress better. I stand taller. I strive to eat better because i feel beter. The best part is there is NO MORE GUILT! So that's it. me exposed. me FREE.
The scripture I stand on is "Whom the son sets free is FREE INDEED!"

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are not the fat friend you are the silly friend. You are so silly that while I was reading this I thought of you saying it and almost peed on myself so thanks for the minor work embarrassment. Anywho or diddly keep up the good work.... there's no need to hide we all see you and we all want to know your name... i think that's a song. maybe not. emoticon
    2608 days ago
    It's amazing how good it feels to have company on this journey to lose weight. I also thought I should try to solve it in the privacy of my own self and one day ta-da! I'd be this fantastic new me with a nice new shell. And until then, lay low so no one will notice me. Isn't this great? I love that I can relate to your post and feel comfort that others face the same type of struggles. Thanks for sharing!

    It looks like you had a great month!
    I know what you mean about hills-- still out of breath, but I have hopes some day (soon please!!) it'll get easier.

    2611 days ago
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