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Surgeons Report Totally Wrong

Thursday, March 31, 2011

As a lot of you know I had developed carpal tunnel in my left wrist and had surgery Sept 16. I finally went back to work on Feb 28 and was discharged on March 9th, 7 working days after returning to work.

I come home today to find a big envelope in my mailbox. It is paperwork from my Work Comp adjuster along with the Permanent & Stationary report from the Dr. This report has so many mistakes I could not believe it.

1)The report stated I had been back to work, regular duties without any problem working with both hands. Mild tenderness around left wrist but tolerable. Correct answer: My hand was hurting so badly, that the Friday, March 4, 2011, before I seen the Dr I was ready to call the Dr to take me back off work. I told him I was still having problems typing. Specifically stretching my left pinky. It was causing my pinky and the inside of my hand to hurt. I was told it was an ergonomic thing. My surgical site still hurts even when resting it on a gel pad.

2)The report stated I had clicking of the thumb along with the other symptoms when I first seen him. He stated I had an injection of the A1 pulley but ended up with triggering and locking. Eventually had carpal tunnel release and A1 pulley release of the left thumb. Correct answer: I had carpal tunnel symptoms only when I first seen the Dr. I then had carpal tunnel release surgery on Sept 16, 2010. Sometime in Dec 2010 I developed triggering and grinding in my left thumb and it was sticking. I was in a lot of pain. I went to see the Dr on Dec 29, 2010 and was told I had trigger finger in my left thumb. I agreed and he gave me cortisone shot in my thumb. The shot worked for the pain within about 3 days. To this day I still have grinding and clicking and pain in the base of my thumb. This was told to the Dr on my final visit. I never had the A1 pulley release surgery.

3)The Dr states No other problems are present. There is no triggering. There is no locking of the left thumb. Scar has healed very nicely. Correct answer: I am still having pain when doing everyday chores such as washing dishes, folding laundry and cleaning house. I still cannot hold pots in my left hand to wash them. It causes pain at the surgery site. I am still awakened a couple times a week from pain in my left hand. I have not been able to sleep on my left side since surgery due to pain in my shoulder and upper arm; it also causes my hand to hurt after about 10 min on my left side. My left thumb still has pain on a daily basis. I was told by the Dr it will take time to get past the pain. I still have grinding and some clicking in the left thumb. My fingers still get stiff and I have not yet been able to make a complete fist without my trigger finger feeling stiff or without pain. Extended periods of typing cause the pads of both my thumb and my trigger finger to go numb at times. I told the Dr on my final visit that I am still having pain and some stiffness while at work. He told me I need to stop and do my stretches and massages every couple of hours. This was not on my work release order nor is it in the P&S report. I called the Dr’s office when I went I was released and ask that they amend my back to work orders to state what he told me about the stretching and massages. It was never corrected. I have developed a lump in my palm just below my second finger. It is a good size lump. When I showed the Dr he bent my finger and asks if that hurt. I told him no. He stated “let’s not worry about the little things”. But since if I crab anything with a little weight such as a small can of vegetables with my left hand it hurts. I cannot grasp the steering wheel of my truck without pain. It I stretch my hand out it causes pain. I cannot place my left hand on my left hip with an open hand at all. This stretch immediately causes pain. After holding the phone for a few minutes my left hand starts hurting. Making phone calls is now about 50 % of my job duties.

4)The report stated that at the time of the report I had been back to work for 4 weeks. He stated that I am doing well. That I have 0% permanent disabilities. Correct answer: I had been back to work for 7 business days. I do not feel I am 100% recovered with no permanent disabilities.

How can a Dr make so many incorrect statements on such an important document? I have already called my adjuster to request to have a second opinion. I am hoping I will be able to see the Dr who did the surgery on my right hand 8 or 9 years ago.
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  • DUTCH1811
    I have already called my Work Comp adjuster. I have told him that I never had surgery on my thumb. I have already set the steps to get a second opinion. I do plan on sending a copy or the report with my own statements. I have the right to ask to have my records amended but he doesn't have to change anything, but he does have to include my requests in my records. I will not let this stay as it is. Even the Work Comp adjuster must not believe the report. The paperwork he sent me stated the Dr stated he did not think any further medical care would be needed, but the adjuster offered extended medical care. I will keep you all updated on what is going on.
    3220 days ago
    It almost sounds to me like he put someone else's information on your report!

    I actually had something like that happen too. A rheumatologist, no less, had it on my chart that he had me taking ibuprofen for my fibromyalgia--when it's there in big letters at the top of the chart that I'm ALLERGIC-- and I had told him that the first day I met him!

    He didn't CHANGE it but he made a note further down in the records that I was allegic... now the records from his office make it look like he's the one that discovered the allergy--but my other doctors have it on my records as of thirty years ago-- and he took off for parts unknown, so there's nothing I can do.

    You on the other hand have a choice. If I were you, I'd go back to him with the report and SHOW him what you just told us, tell him to fix it or you will go for a second opinion-- AND that you will register a complaint with the clinic he works with... you are entitled to have accurate information on your medical records, and it's ESPECIALLY important if L&I is involved-- and if that doesn't work...

    Our society is always too ready to sue, and that's what has driven the cost of medical care so high-- but this not only affects future treatment, it affects your benefits AND your current career! You have a legitimate complaint, and if it isn't dealt with to your satisfaction, you can always threaten to get a lawyer.

    Just be sure you follow through on everything. Don't leave it at that, and you deserve that your surgeon should be truthful and accurate!

    Kathy emoticon
    3220 days ago
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