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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am so inspired by all the blogs on SparkPeople from those that have such a tremendous journey ahead or who have accomplished amazing transformations. I just can't imagine how overwhelming it must be to have 100 lbs to lose! My heart and hat goes out to you! I want to give you a big hug and make sure you know that you can do it!

One thing I have struggled with all my life is not getting fat... fighting my strong genetics (on both sides of my family) to be fat. I have been working hard at this all my adult life. I remember being in my 20's and reading Shape magazine and they would have contests to be spotlighted for accomplishments of transforming your body. But where was the help and encouragement and kudos for those of us with just 10-15 lbs to lose, who are slaving in the trenches to keep it at only 10-15 lbs to lose!? Sacrificing every day so that we don't get to that point where we have an overwhelming journey ahead? I think it is just as hard (possibly harder) to be stuck in this not-quite-optimal position, but with no support, because bigger people look at you as not needing to worry, not needing to lose weight. They say I don't know what it's like, etc. When you are only 10 lbs overweight it is so much harder to lose weight. When you are already exercising almost daily and eating healthy foods (albeit obviously too much), it is a lot harder to make changes to lose weight. It is not about vanity for me, it is about being at optimal health. Yes, at 5'4.5" and 149 lbs, I was still considered just barely into the overweight category by BMI. But I want to be optimally healthy, so I am aiming to be in the middle of that healthy BMI. And at age 51 I saw the fat accumulate around the middle and I know that fat is unhealthy for my organs. I know that at 130-135 lbs, I feel better, move better and am healthier. I will be better able to fend off the middle-age chronic diseases, etc.

So, bottom-line is that it is a struggle every day. I am the picky eater when our department goes out for lunch or I go out with freinds. I cook and bring lunch almost every day and don't go out with co-workers for lunch. I go to the gym 3 days a week, play tennis, dance flamenco and hike or cycle on the weekends. I put a lot of energy into keeping my body healthy. Where is the help and encouragement and motivation for people like me who have worked hard for 30 years to only be 10-15 lbs overweight?

So, I have lost 8 lbs since January and am dangerously close to getting below 140 lbs. And then it will only be 5 lbs to lose! SparkPeople has been a part of this small journey. I think this website is an amazing thing! I am in awe of Chris Downie for choosing to spend his money to support others in such an effective, motivating way. It is truly inspirational. As a Health & Wellness Director for a corporation, I have recommened SparkPeople to many and am still amazed at how good of a site it is and that it is free!!

I would love to hear from others of you that are struggling every day... for many decades... and are still 10 lbs away from optimal health! I love you, I support you and let's do this together!
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    Thanks, Cathyej1!

    Unfortunately, I think once you hit 50, you just have to face the fact that you have to eat less! Once I got past the "It isn't fair" part... and realized I am not alone... it has become easier. I still want to lose 5 more lbs... It is hard work! But myhealth is so worth it! Good luck to you on your journey... I have just started walk.jogging (I am recovering from achilles repair surgery) and am also trying to do it 3 times a week... training for a 5k in late October... and my wedding in November!!
    2764 days ago
    I only just came across this having read your blog posted today (23/9 - or 9/23 depending on where you are reading it). I understand your frustration. Unlike you, I have not had a struggle all my life, I was always skinny. Then I hit 50, or actually just before and suddenly I have a spare tyre round my middle when I don't think much has changed in my life. Since January this year I have lost 4 kg and feel much better for it. But now, it doesn't stay off unless I keep to a strict exercise regime. I go to the gym2-3 times per week and try to also run. Now the evenings are getting lighter I hope to be running 2-3 times per week (I am in Australia).

    Good luck with your journey, there are quite a few of us on here, as you have discovered I hope in the '50+ with less than 10 lb to lose' team.
    2767 days ago
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