Thank You for the Good Thoughts!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I want to thank all my Spark Friends for all the good thoughts and kind words and heartfelt prayers sent on behalf of my DIL. She is home from the hospital with new meds that seem to working, finally, to dissolve the long blood clot in her leg.

As if a double mastectomy at age 41 wasn't enough, she had very severe pain from the clot, and of course we were all very scared because of it. She goes twice a week to have blood levels checked to keep the thinning meds at the right level. Still needs some pain pills, but the pain is lessening, slowly.

You know, you can plan your senior years perfectly and make excellent choices for your future, but when the health/life of a loved one is threatened, stress takes up residence in your own life and won't go away. The good news is, the cancer is gone completely!

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