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A little life after the HCG diet.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Okay, so I had to stop the HCG diet. I was doing ok with it, but the thirst made my throat so dry. That's really my fault honestly because I am not a water drinker. However, the real reason why I quit was because I was called back into work and I knew I wouldn't be able to maintain with the strenuous commute. (I walk quite a bit to work) Plus, I could not take another day poking myself with a needle. Every morning I was dreading it. The diet itself was good. I was never hunger or weak.

Luckily, my girlfriend is still on the diet and I encourage her to continue since she's receiving great results. So back to my update, So After being on HCG, I had decided to keep hold to many of the principles I've learned.

Which led me to research the science of losing weight. No more fad diets. However, a quick fix was in order and yes I know, you're probably asking how is a quick fix not a fad diet. Well, it's not! Basically, I did my math on it. I researched online how many calories it's needed to maintain my "then" current weight. I used my top weight (starting weight) of 196lbs.

For me it takes about 2,694 calories. Now, when you use a calculator, select sendentary for your activity level. Why? So that you don't burden yourself with exercise, you can truly focus on your diet only. If you do anything outside the routine of daily living, such as walking, aerobic training classes, etc, it'll be a plus to your weight loss, but it won't be dependent on exercise to shed the pounds.

Now since 1lb = 3,500 calories, all you need to do is take your daily calories for maintenance times 7 days to equal the total calories per week.

2,694 X 7 = 18,858

It will take me 18,858 calories per week to maintain my current weight of 196lbs.

Next, determine how many pounds you would like to lose per week. We've already established a fact here, 3,500 calories equals 1 pound of fat. So lets say my aim is to lose 2lbs per week. That would be 7,000 calories. I must deduct/subtract 7,000 calories from my weekly calorie intake.

18,858 - 7,000 = 11,858

It will take me 11,858 calories per week to lose 2lbs a week.

So now lets divide the total weekly calories into 7 days to determine how many calories I should consume for weight loss.

11,858 / 7 = 1,694

To lose 2lbs per week, I should consume no more that 1,694 calories per day.

Now if I want to lose more than a measely 2lbs and I want to increase it to 3 lbs, I will need to do one or two things. Consume less calories or burn more calories. Lets say I continue to lose by diet only. I can deduct/subtract 10,500 calories from my weekly calorie intake of 18,858. So instead of 3,500 (cal) X 2, it would be 3,500 (cal) X 3.

18,858 - 10,500 = 8,358

So now lets divide the total weekly calories into 7 days to determine how many calories I should consume for weight loss.

8,358 / 7 = 1,194

To lose 3lbs per week, I should consume no more that 1,194 calories per day.


There are no special foods to eat, crazy pills, or irritating shots to administer. Count every calorie, have variety with vegetables and fruits, don't drink your calories, limit your carbs, sugar and fats. There are great substitutions out there. I drink crystal light (the non-brand), I use Truvia instead of sugar or Splenda. I eat fruit for breakfast and for snacks. Broth based soups and leafy green salads are wonderful. Be careful with the dressings. You can cut the dressing with either lemon juice or rice vinegar to give yourself more with less calories. Check your seasoning salt for traces of sugar. Don't use it if it does. Use olive oil or coconut oil for cooking. Look for low fat, low carb, or no fat/carb wherever you can and always read the labels. Avoid soy products if at all possible. Most soy products have been genetically altered by a companies name Monsanto and DuPont. These products have lead to many health issues in both humans and animals. I don't encourage frying anything, nor eating pork. If you have beef, make sure it's grass-fed beef/organic beef. The same goes for chicken. Anything other than organic chicken, turkey or beef is NASTY! It's not good for you. Those animals that pumped up with corn grains are loaded in hormones. Stay away from Tyson and Perdue products especially. Fresh is always the best way to go. Support your local Farmer's Market.
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    I just started the hcg protocol five days ago and am doing pretty well. Not hungry or thirsty. Headaches for two days, but I attribute that to other things. My DOCTOR put me on this and is monitoring my progress, so I'm NOT a do-it-yourselfer. I don't suggest that to anyone! But, I trust my doctor. I know several people who have done this, medically supervised, and had great success without gaining any of the weight back. I know them personally, not just "friends of friends of friends" word of mouth stuff. Whatever you decide to do, best of luck. I'm impressed with the efforts you are taking for your health. Keep up the great work!
    2585 days ago
    Glad to hear that you're off the HCG diet. Everyone I know that tried it had bad results. It's definitely not all it's cracked up to be, and most people seriously regain once they finish it..
    2601 days ago
    I loved your blog. I'm seriously considering the HCG diet. I've been sick with some things that basically have shut down my metabolism and this may be a way to get it up and going again.

    I just love the attitude, I love the math. You go get 'em tiger!
    No nonsense lots of common sense.

    Oh, why can't there be more people like that in the world!
    2611 days ago
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