Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Do i always Run to Food?

Food was and is a constant struggle for me. food is my first choice in times of stress, boredom, anger, unhappiness, happiness or nervousness? At the end of a long day I’d hold an opened carton of ice cream or cake in one hand and a spoon in the other and a glass of vodka to wash it all down, i have lied to family and friends bout my addiction for ever... and the constant question they keep asking is why are you fat you rarely eat... they have given all sorts of interpretation to it, some say its in the genes, some say its spiritual,

but the one thing i can't understand is Why I want a chocolate, or ice cream, or chips, in the first place if my weight is such a source of anguish for me? You would think that I would have shunned fattening food rather than welcoming it like an old friend. Logically that makes sense doesn’t it? If something in your life causes you pain, don’t you normally take steps to avoid the pain? For example, if your car continually breaks down, don’t you begin the process of replacing it with something more reliable? If your best friend betrays you time after time do you still want her to be your friend? Yet i who struggle with the love and addiction of food do that very thing. i turn to it as a soother for any emotion i feel, thus adding to my weight woes.

I have learned a lot about myself. I learned that I don't just love food, I crave food. I realize I have been treating food in a way that was similar to the way alcoholics treat alcohol. The difference with food is however, is that we need food. As hard as breaking an alcohol addiction is, at least you don’t need alcohol to survive. Food is essential, vital, and necessary for life

and that is why i have been ashamed to come back here...losing my dad recently i guess was the trigger... i have gained back everything i lost and some and coupled with that i am now fighting alcohol addiction where does it all end.. i have let my family and friends down who are counting on me to become healthier thus live longer... i talk to God and he tells me he has given me the strength i need to fight it... but i just cant seem to fight it.. I'm opening up here cos lots of you seem to have won this battle... i don't know how to fight this its cutting short my life and i don't know where to begin...
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    I was so glad to hear from you. I too, have slipped backwards. FOOD has always been my drug of choice (that is how I describe it) Do not use drugs, never have- drank a little when younger but it scared me- smoked 2 packs a day but it is over 25 years since I quit (still miss it)FOOD is what I have always turned to. I probably always will BUT I am learning to at least make better choices. I feel good about doing this time and am taking one day at a time. As I have said before- WE ARE ON THIS JOURNEY TOGEHTER AND TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT. Until the next time-
    2907 days ago
    I was so glad to hear from you. We have a lot in common- I have always said FOOD is my drug of choice. I do not use and never have used drugs, I don't drink- I am afraid of alcohol.I always knew if one drink would make me feel better today- next week it might be 2 then 3 etc- so---- FOOD has been my drug of choice. During the last 6 months- I too have slipped backwards due to circumstances. I hope I am back on track and just take each day at a time.As I have said before- WE ARE ON THIS JOURNEY TOGETHER. Hang in there- think POSITIVE- WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS.
    2907 days ago
    Looking at others' posts, I would say that many of us have fought and are still fighting the battle against emotional eating. It is not an easy thing to fight, and some times we have set backs. First off, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. In my opinion death is never an easy thing to cope with. What has helped me with controlling my emotional eating is: surrounding myself with positive people/motivation, planning my meals/healthy grocery shopping, prayer and daily Bible reading, and keeping a positive attitude about myself. I know attitude doesn't seem like a big thing, but I think it's one of the most important things! If you don't constantly tell yourself how amazing you are and that you are worth it, then everything will just bring you down. Don't let that happen. YOU ARE WORTH THE EFFORT! emoticon
    2910 days ago
    thanks y'all for your comments i appreciate it a lot...
    STEVO5O... will try that out and see how it goes will keep you posted.
    RONNIEKAY.. thanks i really need all the prayers i can get cause i cant do this without his help.
    2912 days ago
    I am right there with you - right where you are - I have gained back every pound I've ever lost and then some and just can't seem to figure out WHY I can not break this addiction to food. Like you, I am seeking God's guidance here and struggle to know why I can't make Him be my sufficiency instead of this food.

    I will be praying for you. Hopefully, we will both find the answers we need. emoticon
    2913 days ago
    Our body has learned to love the taste of all those foods that are so fattening to us. We have to deprive the body of those foods. You have to go through withdrawal of some foods just as an alcoholic does liquor.
    The one thing that you can usually do after enough time has passed and you are confident of your will power, you can indulge in some of those foods in a small controlled portion.
    Not have them every day but once in a while.
    I have lost over 164 lbs in the last 15 months. I eat all foods . But I did not the first 6 months while I was changing my eating habits. Now I can enjoy a small amount of any food and that's enough. I love my body so much, maybe I'm just vain , but I never want to go back to that heavy obese women again.
    I see an ad for burger and fries on TV and I just see lots of fat looking back at me. It's a turn off.
    I hope you can work through your cravings.
    It's no fun to lose and gain , and then try to lose all over again. Let this time be the charm.
    take care. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2913 days ago
    The most powerful drug in the world is food. We just have to work our butts off to eat the right kinds of food. Try this. Be very dedicated for 6 days a week. Then on the seventh day have a cheat day. Reward your self with something you like...but be reasonable...don't over do it. 6 good hard work days and one cheat day. Then start all over again... 6 & 1...6 & 1... 6 & 1. Try it and see how you do.

    2913 days ago
    Thank you for this post. I can relate to you entirely when it comes to food. I love and crave food even though the consequences are not what we truly want. I completely understand your discouragement because I have been there.
    The good news is that you have the power to win this fight! I have had 3 false starts in a year but this time I understand it's about choices. In order to begin all you first have to choose a healthier you. Know that you deserve to be healthier and live longer and tell the voices that tell you it's not true to take a hike! Coming from that choice you can practice making more loving choices and NOT beat yourself up if you slip. It won't be easy but please believe that you have the strength to win! And you will! emoticon

    Good luck!
    2913 days ago
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