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Non-Scale Victory

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I went out to lunch with two colleagues. A particular restaurant has become a favorite of ours because of our mutual delight in perfectly cooked sweet potato fries. True to form, we each got a sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries. At the end of the meal, when the waitress was taking plates, I still had a big pile of fries on my plate. One of the ladies asked me how I can restrain myself from eating all the fries. I made some dismissive comment like, "Oh, I guess I just didn't feel like eating them all today." Then she said that I never finish them and wished that she had the same restraint. What!?!

I thought about it and what she said is not entirely true. There are times that I eat all the fries. But she was mostly right. When we go out to lunch, I often do leave food on my plate. As it turns out, without even realizing it, I have been eating to satisfaction, then putting my fork down more and more often. I would have said that leaving food without considerable mental effort is so NOT me, but apparently I don't know myself as well as I thought.

How crazy is it that someone actually noticed my eating habits and would like to do the same? Apparently, I've come a long way, baby!
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