Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello spark people!

I have hit a wall! Going insane! Its been going between 180 and 185 for over a month! And it doesn't help that my scale and the scale at the gym are off a few pounds from each other and BOTH of them vary up to a pound every time you step on and off them!
Right now busting through the 180 mark and getting to 177 is very important to me. So the "go by tape measure or how your clothes fit" is NOT good advise at this marker for me! Lol
Bought a gentle cleanse kit thing from gnc last week. Tomorrow is day 7. I have been doing the diet and shakes and disgusting cleanse drink things but it doesn't seem to really be doing anything yet.
I would love a doctors scale! These digital ones always end up haywire!
I got weighed at the intake office of the gym a couple weeks ago. It seemed to be an accurate weight and consistent when I got on and off it to test it. Lol yes I am obsessed now that all my scales end up stupid.
So I will most likely ask to weigh myself on that one again this week. Since I can't trust the other scales I have access to.
Anyway. Still driving me insane this 5 pounds has been stuck on me! I have been working out consistently and really watching what I am eating.
I keep quoting my quote to myself because its weeks like these where you are working out consistently and drinking all your water and etc that you wanna say, why am I doing this??? Nothing is changing!!!!
I have to tell myself this "Don't believe it doesn't matter. It does matter. Keep exercising."
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    I don't know how the scale calibrates? Its a digital ww one? I chanhged the batteries though and it litterally climbed 2 ounces every time I got on and off for up to a pound then I just gave up! Lol getting a new scale perferably a doctor floating platform scale is on my agenda!!! emoticon
    3122 days ago
  • MOMX2G1B
    You can totally do this!!! Platues only last until you find the right direction. your scale. Put in a new battery (even if you don't think you need one) then weigh something that you are positive about the weight ( I use 10lb dumbbells) and set your scale to the correct weight. Then, make sure you weight at the same time. I am under orders from my nutritionist to weigh in the morning. I can use the restroom, but then I must weigh myself naked before showering, eating, brushing my teeth, etc... Then we know that the variables are all the same (clothes weight, food weight, what I have drank, etc...). I had to move my scale to my bathroom (I didn't think my kids would appreciate me weighing naked hahaha) Then check your food and exercise and shake things up a bit. If you have fallen into a habit (eating the same breakfast, doing the same walk/run/aerobics, etc...) try something new. Your body will get used to what your doing and eating and you will stop losing weight. You have been doing wonderfully, you can finish this!

    3124 days ago
    Thanks. Its not that serious of a cleanse. Just a gentle fiber drink and a couple shakes a day. Plus real food. And vitamins. I have been eatine real food just hoped the g.n.c. Kit thing would help me kick up the metabolism and help me drop this stupid 5 to 6 pounds. Ya know mix it up a little. But noo liquid diets here! Unless I fasted for a day but your right usually when u deprive your body of nutrition it holds it. HmmMmm. I know I'm eating good. ? And this cleanse is only 7 days. My prob has been weeks old and that's why I did the cleanse. Hmmmm???? Maybe it will all catch up with me and I will drop 10 real fast any time now.... ? :) thanks for taking the time to help me brain storm!
    3124 days ago
    You can do it! I don't know what is exactly involved in a "cleanse" but I used to be on an all-liquid diet. For 2 weeks I drank shakes and soups.. but I only lost a few pounds. My body thought it was starving and wouldn't let go of the weight. Maybe you could try eating some different foods? Anyway I'm not an expert but I hope I helped!
    3124 days ago
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