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Monday, March 28, 2011

The hardest part of losing weight? Nutrition. Nutrition has always been the hardest part for me. Sometimes, it's just a matter of feeling unbelievably hungry despite the fact that I've already reached my calorie limit or simply wanting a cookie out of the freshly baked batch on top of the oven. There are days when depriving myself is just too unbearable. On top of that I personally think I'm terrible at calorie counting. I'm always scared I'm not putting down everything just right (especially when someone else, such as my mother or housemate, cooks the meal). What the hell, for instance, does an ounce of cheese look like? And what if you didn't actually serve yourself 1/2 cup but more like sprinkled a little bit on? Ugh, the headaches! Either way, I plan on getting back in the swing of measuring my foods and in the hopes of getting closer to the right nutrition plan for myself I've decided to try out 2 different plans in the upcoming month.

Plan 1 is a revision of the plan on my page:

MEAL PLAN: 1,450 Calories
Meal 1: 405 Calories (9AM)
Snack 1: 120 Calories (12PM)
Meal 2: 425 Calories (3PM)
Meal 3: 375 Calories (6PM)
Snack 2: 120 Calories (9PM)

Plan 2 is a complete overhaul:

MEAL PLAN: 1,450 Calories
Meal 1: 290 Calories (9AM)
Snack 1: 290 Calories (12PM)
Meal 2: 290 Calories (3PM)
Meal 3: 290 Calories (6PM)
Snack 2: 290 Calories (9PM)

At the moment, I am liking plan 2 a lot more than the first because I always find myself trying to remember how many calories I've allotted for each meal (was Breakfast 360 or 450? Lunch was how much again?!) and sometimes, a 100-calorie snack just doesn't cut it. The second plan allows me to ballpark every meal I have but I won't say for definite which one is my final choice until I've tried both of them out. I'm hoping I won't be as hungry on the second plan. I'm also hoping to see results again. This summer is bikini summer, and I refuse to let something like a faulty nutrition plan keep me from that goal.

What do others do in terms of nutrition? How do you go about calorie counting? Are you ever afraid that you're not putting in the right figures?
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    I completely feel you on the specifics of calorie counting -- honestly, having other people cook for me stresses me out when I try to count calories, so I try to limit those instances. this actually forces me to cook for myself, which helps me make healthier choices and better habits. as for the breakdowns during the day, I think option 2 is good if you don't want to have to recall different calorie limits per meal. however, also keep in mind each "meal" calorie breakdown -- is 290 enough calories for breakfast/lunch/dinner? if so, go for it. but remember, breakfast is the most important meal! don't want to skimp too much there... either way, good luck! :)
    2794 days ago
    i so get you on this...
    well i "try" to aim for 1500 a day - but what i try to do is to space it out in a way that I eat later.
    For example I eat breakfast around 8:30 and its usually between 300-400 calories. But then I try to go get my coffee only at 11 or after (and with that my morning snack). That way my lunch is delayed to about 1:30 or 2. Then I can either have my other snack before or after my workout (i work out around 5). Then I eat supper around 7 and that way its late enough that I don't eat again after. So that is what I am trying to do right now - my problem was basically eating most of my calories by lunch at 12. I think you have to try it out and see what works best for you. Good luck! emoticon
    2794 days ago
    (1oz of cheese is the size of a dice. Just a little cube.) I always have the best results when I plan out my meals ahead of time, like the night before, and enter then into spark to make sure I'm meeting all of my goals. I'm sure you'll have great results with either one of these plans!
    2794 days ago
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