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My "Normal Weight" and when will I know it?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walks are good for pondering, and this is what I pondered today:

What is my "normal weight"?

I've got skewed thinking here. There's been significant portions of my life up til getting pregnant when I was 27 in 1990, that I WAS at a normal and healthy weight. Problem is, due to others' opinions, insurance charts, etc. I was overweight. Add an abusive ex-husband who knew how to work my insecurities and I was a mess.

Long story short, up til 1990 I was normal and healthy but didn't know it. I thought I was going through life 30+ pounds overweight. See, for my height - 5'8" - all the charts have a top weight of 135 pounds. 135 on a 5'8" is willowy indeed. You'd need a very small frame to go that low. And I am not small. I am of Nordic Goddess proportion. When I graduated high school, me n' the football bruisers all had the same size mortarboards. I'd love to know just how much of me is skellington weight.

So anyway, Sparkpeople has my goal weight of 188. I'm fine with that. I was probably 188 four months into my first pregnancy 20 years ago. Least I've weighed since then was 199 and that was for maybe all of an afternoon.

I'm not interested in racing towards that goal of 188. I want to do this slow and steady so I can build more habits that will make it last.

I just have these odd thoughts now and again of "what will it feel like?" "How will I look?" What will it be like to be "normal" again? Hmm!
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    Shelli, I know alot of us have had the same thoughts. Struggling with how low should we go, I'd be happy at 140-145 but that still puts me at over... to get to 136 is healthy so for the sake of being "healthy" I'm heading that way.

    Also what does your new osteo Dr say? With the history I have with my Dr I'm going with what he says, he knows my history, medical and all so what he says goes for me. Your new Dr seems to be right there with you and has helped you in so many good ways.

    Also what does your body say to you? We must listen to our bodies because they do talk to us.

    Good luck with your decisions, you'll do good and slow and for sure it's a good thing.

    Hugs. Carlene
    2614 days ago
    I'm confused, b/c I'm 5'2" and 135 is the top weight for that height....above that is considered overweight. When I joined SP and put in my height & age particulars, I was afraid they'd give me a goal weight of a tiny 110 or something....but, was happy that they'd set it instead at 125. Which, for my height, that is middle of the healthy weight range. I was happy about that. With me being 51 years old, I think if I tried to be 110 again that that would make me anerexic looking. emoticon I think age should definitely factor into whatever the goal weight is. My DH also found that SP gave him a more modest goal weight instead of what he feared they'd give him as a goal....neighbor tells me the same thing.

    Even so, when I'd reached a plateau (somewhere around 140)...I'd decided that if I didn't lose anymore weight at all, that I'd still be better off than I was and be satisfied with it. I didn't give up on myself, but I became more resolved that whatever my weight seemed to stop at...that that is what I'd be ok with.
    2616 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/28/2011 8:07:40 AM
    Wait- how does SP set a goal wt for you?
    I always put it in somewhere.
    I weighed 130 for about 10 years , from 25-35, after having 2 kids (I'm almost 5'4) but I was far from fit.
    I would love to get down to 150 or even 140. emoticon
    Slow but steady is the best way.
    2616 days ago
    This is a question I ask myself as well. I think 175 is my normal, but that puts me about 12 pounds into the overweight category according to BMI. I weighed about 175 when I was 21 years old, so who knows. I understand the Nordic Goddess proportions though. I have never been and probably never will be willowy. I am good midwestern German stock. Made for having babies and slinging bales of hay. :)
    2616 days ago
    I read somewhere that a normal weight is what one weighed around their 21st birthday. Right now, I weigh about 140 and am 5'2" - that puts me in the overweight category, but I wear a size 10 pants and an 8 top! To have a "normal" BMI, I'd need to get 4 more pounds off, which is my goal. Am I going to try to acheive the 105-pound frame that I weighed at 21...I think not! I think adding around 10% to the figures on the charts is more realistic, and plenty healthy.

    That's my opinion, FWIW!
    2616 days ago
    Walks are a great time to think and reflect.
    I felt that Spark People had set a high goal for me. But I think it's much healthier than the weight I have been at in recent years. And I think I could learn to maintain it better than some unrealistic goal from some 'chart' that doesn't really take 'me' into consideration. I have been thinking alot about that goal weight lately. And I have decided to go with the Spark People goal for me. See if I can create a lifestyle to maintain that and still 'live.'
    Thanks for your thoughts on's been on my mind too!
    Have a great week!
    2616 days ago
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