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Friday, March 25, 2011

Ok. I've taken the time to stop and I see the destructive pattern. I'm in an emotional eating slump. This is what is getting me so down. I'm in that "well I've made one mistake, might as well keep going" phase. I went to the store to get wrapping paper and ended up making a snack run as well. I had a bowl of ice cream today for my 3:00 snack and followed it up with gold fish. The more I think about it, the more I see how this is creating my other problems.

Who wants to work out when they feel like a big blob? When I eat a lot my workouts stop feeling effective and start feeling like the only thing combating my calorie intake. It's not a great feeling. I mean I'm already not even close to burning my weekly calorie goals. No wonder I can't lose any weight. So might as well keep eating? I know it's messed up. I see that it's not right, yet that is how my mind is currently wired.

I know eating habits can affect your sleep habits too. I'm sure all the extra sugar isn't helping. Plus I'm not working out (or I'm stuck working out late at night) and that keeps me from sleeping well too.

So it all comes down to food. FOOD. AHHH. It always comes down to food. Has anyone tried hypnosis? Because sometimes I feel desperate enough to try it. I know I have to rewire my brain. I know I have to think about food differently. I know I know I know! But it's just not that easy!!! AHHH!!! I'm so frustrated! I keep hoping beyond hope that when I live alone I'll do better. But will I? Does the situation matter if my relationship with food is the real problem? I know I'm in control. I have the little voice that says "you don't have to eat this" but I always beat it down. Stupid voice. Why shouldn't I eat what I want? ugh.

Ok I know I know. Don't be so hard on yourself. But I feel like I need some tough love. I see the problem, but have yet to overcome it. I hate that feeling. I read so many stories about people who finally decide to take control. They decide and they do...but there are never any details on how they do it. Is it supposed to be a constant struggle every day? Is it because I hate cooking and I get bored with the 3 things I know how to cook? What am I supposed to do here!?

I wish it were as easy as deciding to make a change. Or as easy as getting educated. But no matter how much I want to resist the ice cream. No matter how many stories I read about how bad it is for me, I never resist. How do you rewire the way you think? How do you train yourself to know that food will still be there tomorrow. You don't have to eat it all tonight? How do you do it?

I guess that is my ultimate question. How do YOU keep those cravings under control? What are your tricks and tips? I really need some help here. It was emotional eating that got me into this mess. Unfortunately it can't help me out of it. No one emotionally eats veggies. If only.

Happy Weekend. Thanks in advance for reading my rantings and any advice you might have.
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    ok - take a deep breath.

    now - first of all... living alone will NOT make it better. you are right; it is your relationship to food. it is possible that it could get worse once you live alone, as no one will be around to judge you (except yourself). truthfully though, you are your worst enemy. we judge ourselves WAY more than others do, so until you can start to be compassionate towards yourself, and give yourself some space to be HUMAN, this will only continue to be a struggle.

    trust me, i'm sure the majority of us on this website have those cravings. you are not alone. it is an incredible step forward for you to have blogged about this to get it out in the open, and i commend you for that.

    personally, i ALWAYS have frozen fruits (peaches, pineapple, berries, etc) in my freezer for those sweet cravings. i make fruit smoothies, and seriously... they are GOOD. i just put whatever frozen fruit i'm in the mood for in my Magic Bullet, some water, whey protein powder is always ideal but not neccessary if it is just to deal with a sweet craving. you can add some honey or something if you want to, but i actually think the frozen fruit is sweet enough on its own.

    for my salty cravings, i keep peanuts & almonds on hand. it's also great to slice a nice tomato or avocado (or both) and sprinkle a bit of sea salt on them... yummy!!! it's healthy... you are getting your fruits, veggies, and/or good fats & proteins... AND it tastes GREAT!

    i know, believe me i do, that it is really tough to change eating habits, but once you do this for at least 3 weeks, it honestly does become easier.

    you can do it, girl!!
    2602 days ago
    Boy do I relate to this. I wrote pretty much the same thing in my blog yesterday. I had so much enthusiasm just a few weeks ago, but I can feel it slipping away and I can't stop it. Intellectually we KNOW what we need to do, so why is it so HARD? So frustrating! I'm going back to reading The Spark and some of my saved articles on motivation to see if I can get my own "Spark" back.
    2640 days ago
    I guess I have to say when I have a food craving I give in to it because I know eventually I am going to and not stop until I do. I just try to get the smallest amount possible of that food so I do not have to much.
    Hey we are starting a new challenge April 1 of who can get the most fitness minutes for the month. Want to join us?
    2640 days ago
    The cravings are hard, some folks say you shouldn't give in at all, others say have a little bit of what you like, then leave it. Only you know if you can do that.
    I cannot. My weakness is chips. If they are in the house, I eat them, all of them, even those I am not crazy about.
    So they are not allowed in. But then what?
    I started making my own tortillas, works pretty good. Healthier and less calories, and I portion control them in baggies.
    But then I walk buy them at the store, and hear the the "real" ones calling out to me....
    you deserve it! NO!
    Then there is the thought line that says, you need to find out why you are eating out of control, is it really hunger? Boredom? or something more complicated, which it usually is.
    My head says then, when you start to graze, get up and work out instead, or drink water till it passes. (no pun intended there)
    But you still have to deal with why you are eating like that, why you graze or over graze as my sweetie calls it. Are there certain times of the day it is worse?
    Do you have an exercise buddy? Or just someone that sets a challenge with you and you try and beat them? (like Kris and hers)
    all kinds of tricks can and will work, but you have to get in the habit of doing them, and keep the will power going, even when it isn't really there.
    Make any sense?
    2641 days ago
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