#473: So Tired and Confused

Friday, March 25, 2011

We've all had one of "those" days, haven't we, when everything goes wrong, everyone we come into contact with is angry or rude and, well, you get the picture.

My day today was luckily not one of those but was an OFS one -- Overwhelming Fatigue Syndrome, not an official diagnosis, just my way of referring to it.

This is one reason I am happy I have an appointment with my primary care nurse practitioner Monday. I'll ask why I get so very tired the day after I've had several things to do -- errands, meet someone for lunch or dinner, laundry -- whatever the tasks I know the next day will be a lost one.

Today was such a day. Got to sleep well past midnight, got up to let the dogs out, had a small breakfast, got them in, went back to bed, up for lunch and back to bed before finally getting cleaned up and meeting a friend for dinner, during which I could barely stay awake. No energy for much today. I don't mind sleeping but hate the thought that a day essentially has been wasted.

The sleeping pills she prescribed take six or seven hours to kick in so I'm taking one at 7:00 and still not falling asleep until 2:00 or so. Frustrating. Have to ask about those, too.

Finally I'll ask her why I received a letter from my health insurance company yesterday authorizing surgery at a local hospital for me by the doctor the nurse reports to. Big surprise to me. Don't need any and nothing is scheduled. Her office did not return my call today and the insurance company representative said there was nothing in the system to explain what was being approved. And insurance companies wonder why they are so despised.

Did manage to spend a little time tonight with the computer as I try to hold out on going to bed in the hopes sleep will come quickly but am too bleary-minded to write much that is encouraging. I'm sorry for that but I am just so very, very tired.

Hope you understand and can have some fun this weekend.

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