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Friday, March 25, 2011

So I posted a blog last night and thought about it all day & realized it wasn't ME.

I have now demanded a "redo"!

Let me just start by saying I am not much for writing blogs (as you can tell by my newly revamped spark page). But I have decided that if I don't do blogs, then I must start writing in my journal again. I have had an epiphany in the last 24 hours and let me just say how relieved I am. I started to feel very "taken over" by several things.

#1 being my workout routine. So for the last 90 days I have done ChaLEAN extreme and have found a new found love in strength training. However, I also learned something new about myself within that time.....too much structure doesn't appeal to me like it use too. I use to be able to do the same thing day in and day out. Eat the same things over and over without getting tired of them. Why? Because that's what made me healthy...right? Yes, I maybe a LOT healthier than I was 2 years ago, however when it comes to working out, there shouldn't be any other structure other than just that, working out.
I've also started the SP rookie 8 wk 5k training about 3 wks ago. I have this nice used treadmill but why do I feel like I'm cheating myself because it doesn't incline? But I do like the program SP has laid out and I should be running a 5k straight within no time....hopefully it's all flat land

#2 working full time. Yes, almost everyone has to do this in order to maintain the essentials for survival but when it starts to feel like that's all you ever do, something needs to be readjusted. I'm not saying I'm going to go into work Monday and quit, but I am saying that I am going to start doing more productive things with my 10 min breaks. I've decided to start bringing a book to work or maybe my journal so I can have some ME time. Granted it is only 10 min but it has to be a nice change of pace. Just getting up away from my desk and simply "doing something else" will be a nice change of structure.

#3 other peoples negativity. This one is a rather easy one to be taken over by due to the media not really posing to be the best roll models out there. I worked nights for a long time and never watched the news for more than the weather. Now, while lying in bed, DH and I will watch the news. Mainly waiting for the weather but lord knows if you don't stay glued to it you just might miss it! Well I've come to realize this effects me....even the next morning. No more.
Then it's it funny how you want to help people through their problems & wind up feeling like they are your own? I will continue to help people, but I will also learn to separate my feelings against theirs. Yes I think it is perfectly fine to relate to how someone is feeling but getting lost in their issues isn't a good thing....nor very healthy.

So this is what I've decided to do. For starters, I am making a collage out of magazine cuttings tomorrow. It's suppose to be a nice rainy day and after my workout I am sitting down to revamp my goals. Then I am going to non-structurize my routine and start doing all kinds of different things. I forgot how much I enjoy yoga, true yoga, not just stretching (which is equally as nice, but not yoga :)). Then I am also in the works of finding new and interesting foods/recipe's to try. I can't let this take me over in a boring way anymore. It is easy for me to do and I quit haven't mastered that one yet but I am working on it.

I wanted to also share a goal....I want to become a personal trainer. I've been looking into it but I am scared of something different. I need to get out of that mindset and just DO IT. I've also looked into some other things like becoming an instructor for a thing called piyo which is something Chalean also does. I love to dance and she also has a hip hop dance workout that I am most definitely interested in. Check out her website to see what I mean by piyo....or you can watch a video of it on Youtube. Her home owned company is called Powder Blue.

OK, now that I feel FOUND again I am going to move on for the evening. Spending some much needed cuddle time on the couch with the hubby and a movie sounds great after a long week. 12 hours a day can get rough and man how glad I am that I am just staying home and focusing on revamping my way of thinking, doing & just plan being!

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  • STARRZ57
    2980 days ago
  • RLA1891
    I absolutely love this blog! How true that we all tend to take on other's problems as our own and get consumed by them. We then in turn pass them along when talking to the next person. I hate that I start to get so negative. I have decided to immediately change gears and look for the positive as soon as I catch myself going down this road.

    I think you would be an amazing personal trainer! I know it!!! You are a perfect person to do this. Not even a question.

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to put my goals in front of me. Not just keep them in my head but put them out there on a poster, etc. so I can see them. Visualization is key! Have you read the book "The Ant and The Elephant"? Awesome. Totally applies here!

    As for the treadmill . . . I wonder if you could stack the front of it on something. emoticon emoticon
    2981 days ago
    I love this blog! You have really defined some of the issues that are common to all of us and figured out reasonable ways to deal with them. I may have to steal some of your ideas. LOL! Thanks for sharing!
    2981 days ago
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