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Friday, March 25, 2011

OMG I haven’t blogged in forever. Way overdue. Sooooo, I have been down but not out. My intensity has gone down BUT I haven’t stopped working out and have been doing fairly well with meals. I just haven’t been following “my plan” as I said I would- 3 days running, 3 days ST. Between working late, son’s baseball games, relationship drama and other stuff….. Well, time has been a big issue. But it’s Ok. I will deal with it- and am doing what I CAN when I can. I am treading along and not giving up and must stop being so hard on myself. So in honor of tracking here goes, right where I left off:

Week 1
Sun Feb 20= 4.75 mile run (46 min) outside, bike ride (50 min) outside
Mon Feb 21= ST Jackie Warner (40 min), bike ride (25 min) outside
Tue Feb 22= 3.1 mile run (30 min) outside, 220 abs
Wed Feb 23= ST Jackie Warner (28 min)
Thu Feb 24= 3.1 mile run (30 min) outside
Fri Feb 25= ST Jackie Warner (28 min), stationary bike (25 min)
Sat Feb 26= rest
Total Week minutes =244
Total Week calories burned= 1745

Week 2
Sun Feb 27= 6.5 mile run (65 minutes) outside
Mon Feb 28 –Thu March 3= Nothin. 0. Nada
Fri Mar 4= 3.1 mile run (30 min ) outside
Sat Mar 5= ST TurboSculpt (40 min), stationary bike (45 min)
Total Week minutes= 179
Total Week calories burned= 1420
Total Week miles= 9.6

Week 3
Sun Mar 6= JM yoga (30 min), 3.1 mile run (28 min) outside
Mon Mar 7= 2 mile run (22 min) treadmill, ST BL boot camp (35 min)
Tue Mar 8= 3 mile run (32 min) outside
Wed Mar 9= ST BL boot camp (20 min), stationary bike (30 min), Abs
Thu Mar 10= rest
Fri Mar 11= 3.1 mile run (30 in) outside
Sat Mar 12= 30 min stationary bike with upper body dumbbell workout
Total Week minutes= 256
Total Week calories burned= 1982
Total Week miles= 11.2

Week 4
Sun Mar 13= rest
Mon Mar 14= stationary bike (25 min)
Tue Mar 15= Nuthin. 0. Nada
Wed Mar 16= 4 mile run (41 min) outside, ST Upper bidy (50 min)
Thu Mar 17= stationary bike (30 min)
Fri Mar 18= rest
Sat Mar 19= 30 min circuit/JM six week six pack, 40 min stationary bike, 42 min my own circuit
Total Week minutes= 258
Total Week calories burned= 1697
Total Week miles= 4

Week 5
Sun Mar 20= 3.1 mile (30 min) outside, 20 min CLX yoga, 15 min Abs (Amy Bento)
Mon Mar 21= nuthin. 0. nada,
Tue Mar 22= SPINNING!!! 55 min, ST upper body (45 min)
Wed Mar 23= off
Thu Mar 24= 45 min circuit

I finally did something I have wanted to do for a long time now—I am SPINNING!!! OH YEAH!!! Super excited. For this I had to join a gym- so even better! This is exactly what I needed—something NEW to add variety to my routine and to keep my body guessing. My focus will be spinning (the class time suits my schedule best) and the weight machines. But there’s also kickboxing, zumba and other classes I will eventually try them if my schedule allows. I only plan to go 2 times a week, maybe 3. On other days I will workout at home as I have done for the past year and a half (mainly running and some ST). I think I did pretty good the first spinning class. It’s very different cardio than running. Definitely a challenge.

So I am re-charged, re-sparked and working my way to a ROCKIN’ memorial day weekend BIKINI BODY! In 2 weeks I will post bikini pics comparing day 1 and day 50.

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