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Blood sugar.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I’ve been having issues with low blood sugar lately and it’s almost starting to scare me. Okay so to give examples that I AM eating enough I’ll tell you what I ate today. I had 6 eggwhites with a slice of veggie soy cheese, spinach, and mushrooms on a whole wheat wrap. I’ve been eating oranges a lot to try to raise my blood sugar so I had an orange on my way to work and a cup of coffee. For lunch I got a salad and I had 4 egg whites, 2 oz chicken, like a tablespoon of macaroni salad, and spinach, cucumbers, mushrooms, and onions with some Italian dressing. I was still hungry after lunch so at like 1pm, an hour after I ate lunch, I had a cup and a half of strawberries. At 2pm I had a chobani. At 3 I had a munckin and an orange. At about 4:30 I had finished a big foiling job and my hands started to tremble. I felt shaky and started to feel a little disoriented. I was having a sugar low and even started to feel sleepy. So I had to run next door to subway and get a light and fit 80 calorie yogurt. Now after I ate that, I didn’t feel much better and by 5:15 when I left I was shaking again. I went to Foodtown and picked up some almonds and ate one 100 calorie pack. It didn’t help much more so I ate an apple.

Now when I got home I felt shaky AGAIN. I really feel like something isn’t right. I burned about 600 calories at the gym this morning, didn’t do strength because my right calf and shin are aching. I asked my mom, and she said to call the doctor tomorrow and see if I can get tested for hypoglycemia. It’s so hard to feel this way when I am trying to eat 1500 calories a day in order to lose. And people think I am starving myself and I am NOT. I am eating FOOD with protein, with good natural fruit sugar, ALMONDS which are good protein and good fats. And I am still feeling like I am going to faint. Now I came home and had about 5 oz’s of turkey, a cup of zucchini, and a ¼ cup of cranberry sauce and I was nice and full and feel okay now. So I am wondering, is it that during the day at work I am moving constantly because I do hair, and I’m burning calories like crazy? Matt asked me if maybe my metabolism is really really high because I work out almost every single day, and I have a lot of muscle now, and maybe I just simply need more fuel. It’s impossible for me to imagine, but maybe I do need MORE food, like for lunch having a sandwich with whole wheat bread and a good amount of lean protein like chicken, turkey, or fish. Do I need to start eating like a body builder? How do I do that AND lose weight?

So for now, I am going to try to bump up my calories by 200. Instead of aiming for 1500, I’m going to aim for 1700. For snacks, I am going to try, instead of fruit, to eat protein which means greek yogurt, and I am going to start keeping hard boiled eggs with me and eating two or three as a snack, and I need to find other forms of protein. I love those Kashi bars, the caramel and peanut ones, they’re about 150 calories. I need to see if I can order a box of them online because they are a little expensive individually. So I’d love some advice on higher protein snacks.

So that’s my deal right now. I’ve been doing well, making choices during the week is tough. Last night was a REAL struggle. We went to the movies and I had exactly enough calories left for my own small popcorn. But afterward, we got frozen yogurt. I don’t feel guilty because almost every night I am staying at 1500. So I don’t feel guilty. Right now it’s tough, because I do want to lose fat. I just have these last few pounds I want to lose to feel okay. Maintaining is easy for me. I’ve lost 4 pounds in two weeks, and kept it off by continuing how I work out and eating normally. More than I am eating now to lose, but moderately. So I just want to lose these last few pounds to feel like I have reached my goal and feel secure.

It’s tough but I feel like once I finish this Ripped in 30 I will feel better. I lose 2 pounds the first week, so my goal is to lose two pounds a week in the last three weeks. That leaves me with two more pounds after the dvd ends. After which I have another dvd coming in Netflix I’ll probably start. Having guidance in strength training is really helpful for me. It keeps me focused and on track instead of wandering from equiptment to barbells and back and forth unsure of what to do. I love feeling sore. I know that’s weird but I know it means it’s working.

Okay done rambling.
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    The things you are eating are not going to push up your blood sugars...they are all good choices...esp. if you are trying NOT to push up your blood sugar. I ate almonds when I was learning to manage my blood sugars ...nuts are high calorie but don't move the blood sugar; lean protein doesn't boost blood sugar. All the things you are eating are great for a diabetic...and the exercise is fantastic. BUT, if you are not consuming enough SUGAR for your body, you are likely to get in trouble. I think rather than advise you on diet, I would advise you to do some research on hypoglycemia and diabetes. You can learn about the dietary guidelines and adjust. A friend of mine is diabetic with difficult to control blood sugars. She carries a regular coke in her purse for fast help when her blood sugars drop too low. I have seen it when it happens. Scary. . When you are having a severe low..your body needs SUGAR fast! It doesn't have to be a lot. There are also tablets you can purchase and carry...glucose that is fast acting. I strongly urge you to find out about this and eat to balance it out. This is very important to your long term health. Wishing you success.
    2912 days ago
  • VHBU88
    if you think you are hypoglycemic you should be sure to being eating more carbs too
    2914 days ago
  • VIXEN2188
    Sometimes I feel this way to. Lately I have been really dizzy and light headed especially upon standing. I have had doctors tell me that the dizzy upon standing is normal and I forget the term they use for it. I find that if I don't eat I get dizzy but it will pass after a half hour or so if I let it go. It may be your body saying hey I am burning some fat right now don't feed me? Anyways I would def try upping your calories. For your size you should normally eat around 1800 for maintenance. (me 1600 because I sit behind a damn desk) If your burning 600 cals a day through workout and eating 1500 cals a day your at a deficit of 900 cals everyday. You may not be losing weight as fast anymore because your body thinks it's starving because your burning 2/3 of what you eat basically. Hope that makes sense! I would try eating half of what your burn and see if that helps at all. So if you burn 600 today then eat and extra 300...whether that 300 is above 1500 or maintenance is up to you though...
    2915 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    Have you updated your sp profile to show ALL the activity you do? I have a feeling you are definately not getting enough calories. Our bodies burn quite a bit of calories if we just sit in a chair all day and do no activity. You're running on empty and your body is going to pull nutrients from places you do not want them pulled from. You are doing so great with your exercises and preparing meals, but your body needs more fuel, OR you need less activity.
    2915 days ago
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