Learning to Celebrate the Small Victories

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I struggle with this and I am certain I am not the only one. I find myself getting so caught up in the big picture that I let the little things pass me by. This is especially dangerous for me because I let myself get discouraged when the big things aren't happening right away. So I am challenging myself and the rest of you to start celebrating the small things. I know if I am able to start doing this and can be happy over ALL my victories and milestones it will only be a good thing. So with that being said let me tell you about one of my "small" victories that has happened recently.

I LOVE boots. And I don't mean winter boots or rain boots, although I do have a super cute pair of each. I am talking about CUTE black boots with a heel that zip up to mid calves or just below the knees. I have owned many a pair of boots over the years. In fact when I first met my husband I think he was a little concerned about this addiction of mine. lol Sadly wearing boots has not been something I have been able to do much of the last few years. Those boots are not made for big girls. And if I have worn them I definitely have not been able to zip them all the way which is just not comfortable. SO last week when Aimee and I were getting ready to go visit Rachel I decided I wanted to wear a pair of my boots. To my surprise I was able to zip them ALL the way to the top. YAY!! Here is a pic to prove it...

6 months ago I could barely get that zipper past the halfway point. I guess I must be doing something right.

So now it is your turn. Do you need to start celebrating the small victories? Tell me about it...
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