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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sarah seems to be on the mend, thank goodness! She scared me half to death yesterday. She's got the flu and an infection in her throat and she's been taking several different meds. The antibiotic's side affect is dizziness and it goes on to say other meds may make it worse. She has definitely been dizzy. When she gets up to go to the bathroom, she bounces along the hallway walls. Reminds me of me trying to bowl with the bumper guards up.
Anyway.... Yesterday, she decided to take a much needed shower but she didn't mention her plans to me. I heard a big bang/thump and thought my son had dropped something in his room. Then there was another bang/thump and more and more bangs & thumps. I wondered if my son's book case or closet shelf had finally collapsed from the weight of all his junk. I sat there at the desk for a minute then realized I should probably go make sure he wasn't under the collapsed what ever. But he was safe & sound in his room. Then I heard the water running in the bathroom.

Poor Sarah! She'd gotten dizzy, sat down on the edge of the tub, thought she was ok, started to stand up and had fainted. On her way down, she'd apparently grabbed the shower curtain which pulled the curtain rod down which bounced around in the small area and had proceeded to knock over copious bottles of shampoo, some decorative stuff in the bathroom plus a picture that had been hanging on the wall. So there's Sarah, naked, shaking, the color of toilet paper, soaking wet and scared to death. And what do I do? I started laughing. Yes, I am the WORST mother in the world! I've always known that I use sarcasm when I'm uncomfortable, but this was ridiculous. All I can say in my defense was that I was so worried about her that my self defense mechanism kicked in and I started laughing. Which just made her cry. Which made me laugh harder. It was awful. And of course, I was afraid to leave her side for the rest of the day.

By dinner time, she was pretty sick of my hovering. Her father's teasing about her new found Niquil addiction wasn't helping her mood either.

But today, she seems to be MUCH better. She had a 2 hour window where she slept without coughing at all. And she's eaten a little breakfast. That's a good sign. I'm sure her lack of eating lately had something to do with yesterday's fainting episode. Also, her waking temperature was 99 instead of the 102 or 103 it's been. I think she just may live after all.

Now, if I could only get her off my spot on the couch.

On to other topics....

After reading a friend's blog about cleaning out MIA Spark friends, I decided to do the same. It had been a loooong time since I'd done that. Last time I did it, I used being MIA for 100 days the deciding factor and sadly, about 50% of my friends fit into that category. This time, I used no blogs since mid January of this year and no status as the determinator. While I did delete quite a few people, there were no where near as many as last time. Good! The majority of us are still here and still plugging along doing the best we can. Or pretending to at least.
It was also amazing to see that probably a little over 90% of my Spark friends are runners. Just three years ago, runners irritated the life out of me. My attitude was that they were morons and in my way on the road. And if I'm honest, I secretly wished to "bump" them as I drove past just to see how far I could make them fly. Ok, that's HORRIBLE! But it's the way I was and I promised myself when I very first started out on Spark that I'd be honest with myself here. So.... Anyway, now I'm the runner getting pissed at the moron cars that come too close. i don't eat potato chips anymore because I know how they'll affect my next run. And as the shirt says, I consider GU a food group & I can even spell Plantar Fasciitis. Gosh, my life sure has changed!

Another friend blogged about cleaning out a family member's house. After cleaning out my own parent's home of 53 years, I promptly came home to my own house and started hauling car load after car load of junk to Good Will. But reading my friend's blog made me take a look around and although it hasn't even been five years, I desperately need to go back into purge mode. Good grief - where does the junk come from? And why do I have an attic full of empty baskets and Rubbermaid containers and yet, there are cardboard boxes all over the house being used as storage containers?

Ok, gotta run. Sarah's asking for something to eat and if she's willing to try to eat, I'm willing to go cook her something. And miracle of all miracles, she didn't ring the bell to tell me she was hungry. She texted me.
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  • TEMPEST272002
    I'm glad poor Sarah is feeling better. I understand because I also laugh as a stress reaction... better that than cry I tell my son... who has a similar attitude to Sarah's when it comes to mothers laughing at them. Still, it's got me through some pretty tough times.
    2620 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    Glad to hear things are improving in your house. I enjoyed your thoughts about runners. I'm often surprised to learn how many of my friends are runners as well.
    2620 days ago
    Thanks for this blog - I needed it. I needed the laugh about DD (I do the same thing and my daughters hate it.) I needed the reminder to purge my house of stuff. As for MIA Spark friends, what do you do with ones that you can't even click on? I guess they've blocked me or something, and I'd be happy to remove them as well, but how?
    2620 days ago
    oh-you are too funny!!!! I laugh too when I'm scared. Poor girl-my mom found me passed out on the bathroom floor once upon a time...from the stomach flu,. glad she's getting send that better bug to my house to clean up my sweet baby girl~
    2620 days ago
    Thanks about the reminder to spring clean my Sparkfriends - I wish Spark would include on everyone's spark page the last time they logged in - not just the last time they updated a status.
    2620 days ago
    You make me laugh! I can totally understand your of the docs I used to work with always said "We laugh lest we cry" this was his description of how doc's and nurses have gallows humor but I think it makes perfect sense for a mother rushing to the rescue of one of her children. I also laughed when I read of your former life's wanting to bump into runners!! my husband and I used to always comment on how the runners we saw always looked like they were NOT having fun!! Now my husband will look at me and say something going for a run today? yeah, things have changed! Keep's much better than settling in despair!
    2620 days ago
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