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Wisdom tooth pulled tomorrow morning

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sorry in advance for a rambling post... I am so nervous that I can hardly keep my thoughts together......

Well, I probably won't feel up to sparking the next day or 2 because my brother-in-law is pulling my naughty wisdom tooth tomorrow...
I am so scared!! I have never been put completely out under anesthesia before. I've witnessed my daughter & my hubby coming out of it before, and they get SOOO sick. I am told that this is not a common reaction, though... hopefully I'll just be tired.
I won't be able to eat anything but soft foods for a couple of days. My fridge is full of yogurt & ice cream... any other suggestions?? They recommend high calorie & high protein.
I already have a dentist phobia (I even bit a dentist at age 12 emoticon). They have to give me laughing gas to even clean my teeth. I'm hoping I don't faint or do anything stupid to embarrass myself.
Have I mentioned that this is my baby sister's husband who is doing the surgery?? I remember when he was 16 years old stocking shelves at the grocery store... now he is doing my 1st real surgery?!?! Hopefully he doesn't kill me off... that would make for some awkward family functions!!

I will try to be really Sparky today to make up for not being here for the next few days... Wish me luck!!
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  • AWOLF24
    Also - do you like Greek yogurt? Stock up on that for the higher protein content. Even Mac and Cheese (ok, not so Sparky but not like you'll be snacking on a lot of junk) should be ok after a few days. Applesauce? Mashed potatoes? Creamy soups (not just broth - you need some calories in there)?
    2951 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    You will do just fine! I had mine out years ago but was fortunate - no bad reaction to the anesthesia, not much pain, and I was back to eating pretty normally after about a day and a half or so. It was MUCH easier than having my tonsils out, but that is another story.

    Popsicles? Ingredients for smoothies? Throw some protein powder in there so you feel satisfied. Just follow the doctors orders and you'll be good! AND, at least for the first day or so, take the pain meds every however many hours as directed. It is easier to keep the pain at bay then to wait and have the pain show up - the meds work more effectively that way.

    Keep us posted and GOOD LUCK! emoticon emoticon

    It is kinda funny you knew your dr. when he was stocking grocery store shelves though! LOL
    2951 days ago
  • KITKAT69
    No worries Claudia! It will go just fine. And just think, your dentist is someone you know and trust which can make a HUGE difference!!

    And I agree, you crack me up about your BIL killing you off and how awkward the family functions would be!!! Hysterical!!

    2951 days ago
    OMG Claudia! I hope everything goes ok. I have a friend who went to a pediatric dentist until she was 40!

    Take care and I hope BIL doesn't bump you off! OMG Claudia, you kill me!

    2952 days ago
    I have a dentist phobia too. At least you have a relative doing this and he probably knows how you feel and will go easy on you. Good luck! Hope things go well!
    2953 days ago
    I had my wisdom teeth take out about 10 years ago; I was under partial anesthesia; I don't remember any of the procedure at all. I had to have soft foods for awhile after too. Hope by now it's done and over with and that you are feeling better!
    2953 days ago
  • LEASH119
    awww C!! it will all be okay! :) I know what you mean though I am super scared of the dentist!!! ... I have to have laughing gas as well!:).. your in my prayers! :)

    2953 days ago
    Good luck. Hope all goes well for ouy. You'll be in my thoughts. I too hate the dentist. I bring a small stuffed bunny when I have to have a filling done! As far a food choices go, what about supplement drinks? Boost of Ensure, Glucerna is good. Store brands are just as good. Carnation Instant Breakfast is also good and they make a sugar free version. Instant pudding is also a good choice.
    2953 days ago
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