Great Expectations

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When planning to fail as we often to, do we ever really give ourselves a chance to succeed? I know many would say planning to fail, well I never… Now before I receive the obvious responses, think.

Great Expectations is a literary classic not only for the prose containing the adventures of Pip but the deeper meanings of life which Charles Dickens masterfully elicits from his experiences in and around London. The nuances employed in creating expectations within our lives appear ingrained in our being to the point of subtlety. Great, and small, expectations can lead to the highest highs and the lowest lows by their fruition or lack thereof.

We have to be more than the sum of the outcome of our expectations. We can change who we are and how we react to any problem facing us. Expecting the worst or the best from any outcome must come with a dose or reality. Often the critics within our beings see only the failings and set the unrealistic goals for recovery.

Any plan must have thought. Any goal must have passion. Any success must have commitment. Sometimes surviving is enough as making it to tomorrow or past the doughnut shop is all you can do. Lest you see this as failure, see it as a stepping-stone to success. Reward yourself with the solace of a personal success and carry yourself with a bit more pride into the next challenge that lay ahead.

Strive to succeed. Commit to yourself. Earn your self-respect.

Be at Peace.
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