Im back and ready to lose the second half of my weight (wth pic.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello all my emoticon

I have missed spark oh so much! It has been about a month since I posted a blog and a good three weeks since I was active on this site, alot has happend since than and I have now found the motivation and some pretty good reasons for getting back on track and losing the rest of my weight for good! The first is I would really like to be able to chase my son around the park with out feeling my tummy jiggle emoticon! Losing 30 LBS has already given me back the ability to walk the half a mile to the park and than play/run with my son for several hours while there now I just need to get that belly away :) The second reason is because my three year wedding anniversary is on July 11th and I would really like to spend the whole day in my bikini and lack there of ( emoticon) with my DH hehe..

Okay so in order to help give me that extra push I need to succede i wanted to remind myself of what I have accomplished so far so here we go! Since Septemeber 21st 2011 I...

*Lost 30 LBS
* Went from a pants size of 14/15 to a 10/11
*Went from a shirt size of XL/L to Medium
*Went from a dress size of 15 to a size 9
*Can Jog a 5k
*Became and maintained a pescatarian lifestyle
*Can slide down the slide at the park with my son without getting stuck
*Can run and play with my son at the park with out passing out
*Can dance for more than half of a song at a time in a public place

I have gained sooo much thanks to spark and Im ready to feel a thousand times better than I do today once I get the second half of this weight off! emoticon

Before I go I just wanted to share the following picture, I was taking a picture of my two year old with my blackberry the other night and he said let me make a picture about you and took my phone so I let him snap a pick of me and he looked at it and said mama your face is so beatiful! I about lost it right there lol cause it was so darn sweet but that when I looked at the picture I realized that he was right! It was beatiful to me because I could really see the happiness in my eyes and I could really see my face, without 30lbs stacked on it was beatiful despite the fact that I didnt have makeup on lol I didnt care because it was kind of a marker for me to show where I have been and what I have accomplished! Next stop 140's emoticon

emoticonto everyone who has continued to follow my blogs and journey despite my yo yos and hiatus. Im back, I have quite drinking and re joined the gym and I am ready to make my son and myself proud.

Work in progress, check back soon for updates...
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