the scale FINALLY moved!

Monday, March 21, 2011

So, this morning I weighed in at 167.5, that is down 1.5 pounds! Monday is my weigh in day, and I was thrilled to see this loss! I have been really diligent with my exercise, and mindful of how much I put in my mouth, and it paid off!

I had a nice weekend with my hubby and kids. We actually had sunshine this weekend emoticonso we enjoyed a day outside at the park. I had a lovely run on saturday morning, which is always a perfect way to start a weekend.

I ate just shy of 1400 calories on Sunday. I was shooting for 1200, and almost had it, but got a raging headache sunday night, and figured that was my body telling me a little snack would be wise. I was a bit irritable that night too. My family shouldn't suffer because I am restricting my calories. I was consciously trying not to be a witch.(not something I EVER have to try not to be, I am pretty mellow generally) I am thinking I will go to the high end of my range every-other day, so that my family will still enjoy my presence. emoticon

PS. Fun news from my running buddy! She is pregnant with twins, so I am short a running buddy for a while. TWINS! How much fun is that?! Oh, and she is 40! That should give all of my sparkfriends with infertiliy some hope.
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