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Teaching one on one - a small bunch of bananas

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last night...
18 year old son getting ready for a dance. So when he and his girlfriend got out of work, they picked up my groceries and brought them home. Because the roast needed immediate attention, Ali helped to put it in a pot for me. Then, after peeling one potato, I realized that peeling carrots and potatoes for the roast was going to be an insurmountable feat for me as it was too much for my neck to deal with. I asked Ali to help me peel the veggies, and she graciously did. Now Ali has said she wishes I were her mother sometimes, and that makes me a little sad. On the other hand, she is a great little gal to have around, and she is as vivacious and busy as a hummingbird. The dress she bought for the dance was cute, but she felt her mom wouldn't approve, so she got ready for the dance here. Another slight sadness that she felt she couldn't share with her mom. The dress reminded me a little of my tiger number that I bought for that wedding in August, except the fact that little Ali is probably about a size 3 or less, and the dress was asymmetrical one shoulder number in a blue animal print. Very cute, and she wore it well. I took pictures for her. Danny wore a royal blue shirt with a black dotted tie, black pants, and black sneakers (converse style). He got her roses. My husband said to Ali he felt like we had the teenage daughter and she was getting ready for the prom. It was a sweet moment for us. Meanwhile, my roast was cooking, and they were off to the dance.

Running off to the dance

Hubby and I enjoyed a fabulous roast. With carrots and potatoes. Delicious, nice tender cut of meat. It was the first time I used the internet shopping feature of our local grocery store where Danny and Ali both work. It is something that I will use again, and it will save my husband having to hobble around the store looking for what I want. I was very pleased with the nice fresh veggies and meat that were in the order. Happy Happy.
Skip forward a few hours. Older son and his wife Lisa arrive. Older son promptly falls asleep in a heap in the recliner, and looks like something my cat would refuse to drag in. He makes me sad. Lisa arrives eager to learn how to make banana bread. I saved aging bananas for the task. Their task - to stay with me since younger son was out on a hot date, and hubby would be working til 6 a.m. So in the kitchen I guided Lisa through the step by step of pulling ingredients from the shelf, and making the banana bread, a recipe from my RI friend that I really adapted. Everything that was in it, I changed.

Easy Banana Bread (oven 350 bake 1 hr.) aka Luna's Banana Mania Bread

soften one stick of butter, then cream with 1 cup of packed brown sugar.
3 mashed bananas and 2 eggs - mix well, then blend with butter/sugar.
1 cup oat flour, 1 cup whole wheat flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp baking soda - blend dry ingredients well then slowly blend into wet ingredients.
Turn into well greased bread pan (I grease glass pan with olive oil)
Sprinkle top with about a teaspoon or so of white sugar, and about a tablespoon of brown sugar - makes nice crusty top to bread.
Now, the actual recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and a pinch of salt added to the wet ingredients. I forgot. It tasted fine, so it is your choice.

Lisa had a slice, I had a slice, older son had a slice last night. This morning, I had a slice, hubby had a slice or two, younger son killed off the rest of the banana bread. Not a crumb is left.
Ali learned how to peel veggies. She never peeled a potato before or used a vegetable peeler.
Lisa learned how to make banana bread. Lisa's mom never taught her to cook anything. She too looks to me as mom.
I learned my younger son who will not eat bananas will eat banana bread.

As for last night. Lisa fell asleep on the couch, older son woke up after that. I fell asleep in the chair, but kept waking with trouble breathing last night in a panic three times, so did not head to bed til just before my hubby came home. Younger son came home late from the dance after bringing Ali home. Then, he tackled laundry for us today, and learned he has got to learn to save some of his hard earned cash, as he has used it up fast between Valentine's Day and the dance. I told Ali that if Danny put $50 into his savings account every week from his pay, he would have over $2,000 in one year's time. Ali told Danny. Sometimes his learning has to come from someone other than mom.

Ali actually brought me some mauve roses this week, to join the rose colored rose Ron got me, and the red ones. She gave me a bouquet, save one rose she gave to Danny. Note - bananas in the background.

I don't feel as rested today. Yesterday was hodge podge crazy. Peaches is nearby to lend me a hand - he is in sleep mode at the moment. I probably will nap in the chair, I did not feel up to stretches, and am not going to stress over it. Exercise is not my priority right now. Getting well is.

My husband praised the substitutions in the banana bread today. He said I need to make those same substitutions with zucchini bread, etc. I love oat flour. I have made my own by running oatmeal through the blender, but recently found a store that had some. So, even my 68 year old husband is learning to eat a little healthier with my substitutions. I know, I use real butter when I cook. I do not use shortening. I do not use margarine, as I can actually digest butter easier. Since I don't bake all the time, I am not going to worry about it.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    butter is way better for you than margarine....and it tastes so much better, too -

    Easy does it - emoticon
    2647 days ago
    I wrote the recipe in the article, then realized, I really wanted the calorie count, so added it to my recipe book.
    2648 days ago
    Its awesome you get along with your son's girls :) Sounds like you can be teaching these girls about healthy eating and eating their fruits and veggies.. Ali's dress looks lovely from what you can see of it in that shot.. wonder why her Mom wouldn't approve? Too short or something??
    Its a shame about these girl's moms, but at least they have you..
    What is up with the breathing problems? Should you be seeing a Dr. about this?
    I appreciate all the writing you did in your blog, but do take it easy on yourself -you provided the link to your recipe which is good enough, didn't have to write more of it out..
    Hope you have a more restful Monday..
    2648 days ago
    Hey sweetie, hope you are healing. I am happy your "girls" are loving learning from you. I have a daughter who has no interest in learning cooking from me. It bugs be because I think of myself as a really good cook. My daugher would rather watch those blasted cooking shows!

    My daughter's best friend loves to come over and learn how to cook from me though :)

    So at least I have one girl to teach cooking to.
    2648 days ago
    Hey sweetie, hope you are healing. I am happy your "girls" are loving learning from you. I have a daughter who has no interest in learning cooking from me. It bugs be because I think of myself as a really good cook. My daugher would rather watch those blasted cooking shows!

    My daughter's best friend loves to come over and learn how to cook from me though :)

    So at least I have one girl to teach cooking to.
    2648 days ago
    the recipe is in my spark cookbook! I would love to see the zucchini recipe when you get it together! It is wonderful that you can help the girlfriends feel so at home there, and nice to know that you are figuring things out like the groceries! I am sure you are getting better each day!
    2648 days ago
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your "daughters" and your sons and hubby. They are all so lucky to have you.
    2648 days ago
  • RESULTS361AP09
    What a nice thing for you to do! It's a shame that their own mothers haven't taught them any of that stuff. I wrote the recipe down so I can try it one of these days. Take care & rest up!
    2648 days ago
    Your blog brought a warm feeling to my day. It is great to hear how a family (even an extended family) works together and does what is needed to help each other.
    I hope you are better soon and all goes well for you and your whole family.
    2648 days ago
    Very nice blog: those girls are so lucky to have you providing a little "mom" time and teaching!!

    You are being so sensible about what you can do, and what can wait.
    2648 days ago
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