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First time in three months!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Okay okay I apologize for that but I cannot explain to you how ecstatic I am. I have not lost weight since November and this morning I had lost TWO POUNDS THIS WEEK! In 5 days! Last Sunday I had decided to start counting calories again and keep them at 1500 and continue the way I have been working out while trying the new Jillian Michael’s dvd and IT WORKED! I can’t explain the feeling. I used to love seeing it go down every week and for a while I kind of half-assed it and tried a little, but this week I buckled down and seeing that it was possible to bread this plateau is exciting. My goal is to be 125 before Puerto Rico. For me, maintaining is no problem. I’ve been maintaining pretty much since October, and have only gone up and down one pound. Last week I weighed in at 134, up one pound the previous week. I weighed in at 132! It’s really exciting to know I am back in the game. I’m focused, I’m happy, and I look really cute today in my new outfit! Lol.

Okay sorry I was excited. ESPECIALLY because last night I split a spinach and artichoke dip AND a brownie obsession at Fridays, and had a skinny margarita too. I woke up and I know this sounds crazy but I can kind of feel if I’ve lost. And I felt thinner, and said hmm well let me see. And aaah!! Okay I’m good lol. I was very tempted to run the reservoir again, which is 5 miles WITH hills. But my right knee is like bugging me. I call it nagging, where every so often it aches. And I need serious fuel to do that and didn’t want to waste time by making an enormous breakfast then waiting an hour to digest. So I had a bowl of oatmeal and went to the gym and did my elliptical/stepper machine. I burned 750 calories. Right now I have my calorie allowance up at 1700-2000 but by keeping my calories at 1500 I was able to lose. I’m sure I sneak close to 2,000 but try really hard not to go over. And it’s been working. I’ve had CONTROL. I haven’t snacked at night, and when I do I eat apples and oranges or grapes and strawberries. I am keeping the temptation OUT of the house which helps also. But even being out and eating out I’ve had some great luck with making choices. So I’m very excited. All my hard work pays off, and that really makes me feel wonderful.

Its 72 degrees today!!!! I took a nice long walk with Annie after the gym and was going to wear a skirt to work but remembered how cold it gets by the shore at night and decided to hold off. But I’m excited to wear shorts and skirts because I am liking my legs today. Todays a feel good day. Enjoy the weather if you’re in Jersey! Spring is here!!!!!!!!
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