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Project Pixie Dust...somewhat derailed, but I'll keep on keeping on

Friday, March 18, 2011

I looked at my blog today and realized that it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted any kind of update. So, on that note, I probably owe all my SparkPeeps an obligatory "what's up with me" post so you know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...into a pool of gooey, sweet milk chocolate :)

So, as the blog title suggests, Project Pixie Dust has somewhat derailed over the last couple of weeks. It all started innocently enough with an extra dessert or treat here and there, and descended into a full-on junk food diet, especially once the move was in full swing and I had to (temporarily) shut down my kitchen. During the last week, many of our meals came from the Golden Arches, Taco Bell (aka Taco H***), and Pizza Hut (aka Greasa Hut), so I paid for it on the scale, on how my clothes fit, and how my poor little tummy felt. There wasn't a great excuse for it, because there was no reason we couldn't have stocked up on healthy fruits, veggies, salad items, sandwich stuff, etc., but I'm sure we've all fallen into the "Fast food is just so EASY! Let's push the EASY button!" trap. Right?

As for the move itself, it really couldn't have gone much better. Last Saturday a band of merry men, aka six of Bruce's friends, came over to schlep all our furniture and boxes into a truck, across town, and into our gorgeous, shiny new house. It is CRAZY how much STUFF you can accumulate in three years, especially when you have a young child. There was SO MUCH MORE stuff than what we had when we moved into our apartment three years ago. But we got it done. There is still a mountain of boxes to unpack and some furniture to move around and pictures to put up, but we're good. I actually now have the kitchen FULLY unpacked so at least I can cook and make "normal" food. I never thought I'd say it, but I am sick of junk food. By Monday, I swore that if I saw ONE MORE french fry, I would hurl! Last night we had broccoli with dinner for the first time in eons, and admittedly, it freaking ROCKED. It was SO satisfying to put REAL vegetables in my belly! I may or may not reach the weight goal I set for myself when I started Project Pixie Dust, but either way, I'm not concerned. This challenge has really given me a chance to take a good look at my lifestyle and start working on some habits which will hopefully ultimately stick with me for life. So whether or not I make the short term goal, I have accomplished a lot.

So this weekend, we'll finish putting the house together, hopefully! Timmy is really enjoying the process and keeps trying to "help" by moving boxes into his cute! He is fascinated by new house, and I just can't wait to have his room and play area fully unpacked so he can enjoy the new place to its fullest potential. And we just got our internet service connected, so YAY! It's amazing how disconnected we felt without it. And we don't do SmartPhones (NOT that I want it that way, but the hubs insists that they're a waste of money...I haven't yet convinced him otherwise) so we couldn't check our email and stuff that way. And we don't get cell reception in the house anyway. (Our dumb inside joke is that we're "country bumpkins" now because we have a well, a septic tank, and no cell service!) We're already loving our new place, but with a little extra TLC and elbow grease in the coming week or so, it's gonna be awesome...

My workout schedule has been a little shaken up in the last week, mainly because the moving (and WORK too!) has been super time and energy consuming. Cross training and strength training has (mostly) been shelved for the last week or so, although I'm sure all the packing, hauling, and unpacking has at least in part made up for it. I'll probably get my routine going again once we're just a bit more settled. I have kept my Country Music Half training more or less on track, and the only run I've missed was last Sunday's scheduled four miler. I don't consider it a great loss, although I would have LOVED to get out in the beautiful sunshine that morning. I had even been considering running the Shamrock Shuffle in downtown Madison, but just couldn't scrape together the time to get out there. Oh well...maybe next time! I'm right on track this week, with a planned 11 miler for Sunday. I'm hoping to map out a good route in my new neighborhood. There are lots of great streets and trails to explore! I feel like I'm going to be good and ready for Nashville, and I'm getting excited to get out there and earn my Country Music Star BLING! I don't expect to PR this race, but do expect to have a great time running with my friends and remembering that day ten years ago when the CMM set off a series of events that brought me to my husband.

As for my future racing schedule, it's slowly falling into place. I will be running the Madison Half Marathon on my birthday weekend (May 29), and then will have a break before I run the Madison Mini Marathon with two of my Spark running buddies (Aug 21). I'll be back in Florida for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon (Oct 1), and am also considering the Haunted Hustle (half) back here in Madison over Halloween weekend. And that brings me to 2012...

So, I did it, this week I registered for a MARATHON. OK, if we REALLY want to get all technical about it, I registered for 1.5 marathons. Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge, as part of Walt Disney World's 2012 marathon weekend. If you're not familiar with Goofy, you run the WDW Half on Saturday, followed by the WDW Full on Sunday. And you finish up the weekend with three awesome pieces of bling, mad bragging rights, and possibly friends and family waiting in the wings to cart you off to some asylum somewhere ;) Not 100% sure what came over me...perhaps I inhaled a little too much Pixie Dust...although I have known for some time that Goofy is something I wanted to do. You know how a lot of athletes aspire to the Ironman? Well GOOFY is MY Ironman. Yeah, people say I'm a little quirky...I never do things the "normal" way. So it's fitting that a GOOFY event is my idea of the pinnacle of my athletic life. And 2012 just feels like it's going to be my year, so I'm shooting for the moon here. It's going to be a wild ride, but I'm excited. I have PLENTY of time to train and prepare physically AND mentally for this challenge, and I KNOW I'm going to get there. As I sit with the "Holy crap, I just registered for 1.5 marathons" (not to mention...ooooh, I think my credit card just went up in flames) feelings, I'm thrilled about the upcoming journey.

Every journey I've taken with my running has taught me so many things about myself and what I could accomplish, and each one has changed who I am, what I believe, and how I feel about myself. From running my first mile on the gym treadmill to tackling my very first 5k, to taking the step of running my first half marathon (at Disney, no less), I've grown and become infinitely more confident in myself and my abilities. I know that my GOOFY journey will give me the opportunity to not only have a priceless life experience, but will also allow me to grow in ways I could have never imagined. I can't wait! I'll be telling you more about my plans in future blogs...but for now, at least I've had a chance to catch up with you on "what's up with me." Have a great weekend!
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    emoticon for the update!~
    2829 days ago
    Wow! You have a A LOT going on, no wonder you got a little derailed! Congrats on signing up for a marathon! You will have an amazing time! Disney races are so fun!
    2829 days ago
    WooHoo - I finally get to meet you in January. You rock - you have a lot on your plate.
    2830 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Crazed RB, so much happening in your life right now and its all good schtuff! Congratulations on your awesome new house and congratulations on registering for Goofy! This is going to be quite the year including marathon training in the winter time! THAT will be interesting!

    2830 days ago
    Becki, Lori, Suezette and a few other sparkers and I ARE doing Goofy next year! YAY!!!!

    Can't wait to do the IronMan Goofy with you! LOL
    2830 days ago
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