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Quick Tip #46 ~ Getting the chlorine out of your drinking water

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My water was measured for chlorine today using a pool chlorine test and found to be at 3 parts per million. I was surprised, being as that's twice the desireable level of chlorine needed in a pool to prevent algae from forming and nasties blooming.

But I was even more surprised when I added a minute amount of pure vitamin C and saw the test sample turn from bright yellow to clear literally instantaneously... indicating that the chlorine had been neutralized at a lightening fast rate.

Try it for yourself. You can get the pool kits at Home Depot if they sell pool supplies, or at your local pool supply store. Kits run about $15.

Now I keep a large, recycled glass juice bottle and add a little powdered C to it and refill it as necessary for my drinking and cooking needs. It doesn't change the taste, but it does remove the chlorine.

I use the generic Sprouts brand, called "vitamin C crystals" pure ascorbic acid, no fillers, but there's plenty for sale online . Or your local vitamin store may carry it.

It comes as a powder and costs between $8 -$16 for 8 oz, which will last a really lonnnng time.

Alternately, you could just squeeze a wedge of lemon or lime in your water.

With chlorine removal being this easy, its kinda ridiculous not to do it.
Take care of youse!
: )

Since this blog, I've switched to drinking distilled water to which I've added a peppercorn sized bit of pure vitamin C. For 88 cents, it was just easier for me to buy it at Walmart and be done with it.

I got a letter from the City a few weeks after this blog, stating that there were unacceptably high levels of E. coli in the public water supply. Apparently this is why there was so much chlorine in my tap water... an attempt to kill it.

Now I only use tap water for washing/soaking produce which I do in a large stainless steel bowl.
I add a bit of C to this water to get rid of the Chlorine and Chloramines.

I also have a vitamin C filter on my shower head.
I know when its time to change it, because my scalp gets itchy and my hair sheds.

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    hey Lexy!
    The guy who came to test my water told me that his pool test kit indicated that the proper level of chlorine is 1.5. I believed him, as I don't have a pool myself. I would not be surprised to learn he was uninformed. In any case, the amount of chlorine/ chloramines in my water was more than double that.

    It was hmm, I think March 17? that he was here... I'm not exactly sure about this, but I believe the regent was potassium hydroxide. When its mixed with water, it turns the water yellow, if there is chlorine or chloramines (the more suspicious by product of chlorine and organic substances) in it.

    What I found disturbing, is that the water became increasingly yellow as time went on. I am thinking that this may have been the potassium hydroxide reacting with Chloramines. My rationale is that it would take longer for potassium hydroxide to detect chloramines as they are bound... not "free" to react, the way that chlorine is.

    Defalise, Kaley and a coupla other Sparkers mentioned that leaving water out will free it from Chlorine. But there's a time element involved there. The C is instantaneous. And I'm not so sure if Chloramines will offgas, as they are a more complex molecule.

    But I do know that the C instantaneously freed the water of chlorine and chloramines when I put it in there, the salesman was shocked... I thought it was pretty cool! C is an ingredient in de-chlorinators for fish tank water and I've read its used by muncipal water treatment plants to dechlorinate water before its released back into the environment.

    I don't know what compound is created. It might hasten the off gassing process? Dunno.

    Currently I am filling a glass jug half was with tap water, mixing in the C and filling the other half of the jug with distilled water. Cuz there's really no affordable, convenient way for me to remove the Fluoride, and I drink a LOT of water.
    Gotta worry about halogens with the thyroid condition.

    Anyways, if you find anything more out about it, please come back and post it. I've been really happy with the way thyroid has been feeling (its not sore and scratchy anymore),and my weight loss. I also like the idea of getting a wee dose of C thruout the day.

    : )
    2606 days ago
    What source do you have about the 3 ppm being 2x that needed to sanitize a pool? I have this source saying recommended chlorine for swimming pools be between 2.0 and 4.0 ppm.


    Leaving a pitcher of water out for the chlorine to out-gas is free. You can use those test strips to determine the proper length of time for the volume of your pitcher and chlorination level of your water.

    As I understand it, it's the by-products of chlorine interaction with the organic "stuff" in our water that is much more toxic than even the chlorine itself, so by then it's too late. (Not that chlorine is great, given our compromised systems with all those "-ines" in our world blocking thyroid receptor sites.)

    Now I find myself wondering what the by-product of ascorbic acid and chlorine is....? emoticon

    Filtration or distillation are the only ways to get rid of all that "stuff".
    2606 days ago
    Hey I blogged about the shower head too! I use one called Nutra-C and get it online, been using it for about a year now.

    I think its helped my hair and skin. I'm not losing hair like I used to and my scalp isn't itchy. Then again, I've also made some thyroid medication adjustments and I THINK... make that HOPE, I am finally past perimenopause.

    All those changes contribute to better hair and skin!
    : )
    2624 days ago
    Chorine in the water! I can even smell it when I shower! They say it is bad for your skin & hair too and you can get a showerhead that filters it. Have never got around to it though. Good information. Will make sure to at least add lemon to my water all the some, but have not gotten into the habit lately! emoticon
    2624 days ago
    Sad that I read it before, but didn't "get it." I got it now! I do put fresh lemon in my water, but not consistently. off to buy me some ascorbic acid for the Brita filter! Great!
    2629 days ago
    I don't have chlorine in my water, but how much would I need for my pool? (kidding). I have looked into salt pools, but don't have the budget for it. Cool tip, though. I will share with my city-water friends.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2641 days ago
    Thank you very much for this tip! There IS a great reason to put that lemon juice in my water!

    2641 days ago
    That's a good tip, Defalise!
    I love the instant nature of adding a wee bit of vitamin C though.

    : )
    2646 days ago
    I read too, that you can remove chlorine by leaving a jug of water in the sun for a few hours. I found that on ehow.
    2646 days ago
    All it takes is a teeny amount of those vitamin C crystals to get the chlorine out, and it happens instanteously.

    Gir, you could put a little in your water after its filtered.

    Kinda makes you wonder what tap water does to the vitamin C in veggies that we cook.

    : )
    2646 days ago
    Wow, no kidding? Thanks for sharing! So is this straight tap water, or do you filter? We do, but sometimes I swear I can still small the chlorine. Yuck.
    2647 days ago
    Wow, thank you for this info. I never knew about the Vit C trick. I have well water that is very clean and clear like R.O. almost but I steer clear of any tap water that contains Clorine because one day I drank out of a water cooler and it upset my whole system for a couple weeks.

    Everyone might be interested to Google "Chorine Side Effects"and see what you come up with on the WEB. Scary!

    Thanks again for the interesting tip. emoticon

    L@@K at this link: it's a Vit C shower filter.
    2650 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/19/2011 7:59:03 AM
    Mzz, you are a wonderful researcher.
    Thanks so much for this information.

    At least I put my drinking water in
    glass bottles and now I will add the
    crystals or lemon juice emoticon
    2650 days ago
    Thanks everyone, for all the responses!

    When I learn something new I get really excited about it and love to share. I'd known about vitamin C as a dechlorinator, but I hadn't SEEN IT, with my own eyes until now... and wanted to pass the info on.

    If you've ever had a fish tank, you know not to use tap water because of the chlorine... it will kill them. Kinda makes ya wonder what it does to us.

    : )
    2651 days ago
    We have an R.O. unit. It is what we had at the dialysis unit I worked at to make water pure enough to do dialysis with.
    2651 days ago
    You keep doing the research ... I'll keep implementing the results! emoticon
    2651 days ago
    I am fortunate enough to have well water, which is a very deep artesian flow of pure water. However, I still find your newest blog really informative, and think it is still way cool how much you educate us:-) Keep up the good work:-) emoticon
    2651 days ago
    2651 days ago
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    2651 days ago
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