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First run of the season!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I can honestly say today was one of the best days off I have had in a LONG time partially because I am on spring break so I didn’t have to get up at 6AM for class, and because it was gorgeous out. Matt’s away and I was able to sleep in, which to me is like 8:30 but still it felt great to wake up and not have to jump up and run anywhere. I just slowly started my day, watching the news, walked the dog, made a nice breakfast. I noticed how warm it was out and decided to make a playlist and hope that if I got to the reservoir it wouldn’t still have snow. Luckily it didn’t and man I am not used to running outside! I am in shape, but the hills and bumps really did a number on my legs. My right knee is still recovering, so tomorrow I think I will do an hour on the elliptical and my strength training which is the Ripped in 30 dvd. I have the exercises written down so whether I do them at the gym or at home, they’re still done. Today I ran an 8 minute mile for 5 miles which is the entire reservoir which I have never done before! I remember getting to 2 miles was exhausting and then turning back even after 1 mile. It was great to go further than I had ever gone, and to feel how strong I am. I know it will take a while for my legs and knees to get used to running on uneven ground again. But it was amazing being outside in the sunshine. I missed it so much. I definitely want it to be a weekly, possibly even twice weekly thing. I want to be careful not to screw up my knees. I know people who love to run but screwed up their knees overdoing it. So I plan to start out doing the reservoir once a week, every Tuesday, and the rest of the week do either the treadmill or elliptical. Once the weather gets warmer, I cannot WAIT to run on the boardwalk. It’s my FAVORITE place to run because it’s so beautiful and because I live at the shore so I can run through several towns and see so many different sights. Ugh cannot wait! Hopefully I’ll end up running the reservoir once a week, and the boardwalk once a week also. It was just great to be able to do my cardio come home and do my dvd and have the time I needed to do everything I wanted. Sadly that is not real life haha.

Anyway. Yesterday and today I am right on track with my goals. I was so scared that I was going to be thrown off because my mom asked me to go to dinner with her but I was able to choose a great selection. I had broiled tilapia with steamed vegetables. I only ate half the tilapia only because I had a late lunch so I wasn’t starving but I ate the veggies and some of my mom’s veggies too. I love my mom so much and wish she would make better choices. She seems to really want to try. She had a very bad meal, roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy and regretted it later. And she said she knows why she made that bad decision, because she doesn’t eat lunch so she is ravenous when she gets out of work. All she can think about is eating the biggest meal on the menu, which I can relate to. When I am hungry I lose all sense and usually make bad decisions also. So we talked about other options and we even went to shop rite and I helped her pick out some yogurts to bring to work. She likes the thick and creamy ones, and at 140 calories and 7 grams of protein they aren’t the WORST choice, and she doesn’t usually eat meals anyway. She also picked up 90 calorie Fiber One bars and I was proud. Her and my dad are trying to slowly make changes and I do see that. They see my sister and I getting healthy and it really changes how they see themselves. They recently went on vacation and my mom told me today that looking at pictures she was disgusted. But we talked and she is making small changes and we talked about her taking better care of herself also like getting more sleep and stuff. And I told her these small changes in her diet like having snacks and such will help her energy too. Exercise will have to be something that is brought into her life once these other changes are made. She works a lot so I just hope she can do this and feel better about herself.

I definitely am feeling more confident about my body these days. I actually tried on a bikini again and this time I didn’t feel so bad! My mom was there and couldn’t believe how I look. I was even surprised. So I am going to move towards my goals which are not too far out of reach, because maintaining is the easy part for me, losing is tough. So I will get to my goals and feel better about myself and work hard to keep it up.

Anyway. I’m watching a movie and have a fire going and I feel pretty great about today. Tomorrow I have work and luckily was able to pick up some greek yogurts. Weirdly enough greek yogurt has completely fixed my tummy trouble! It’s weird but I definitely feel so much better since having one for lunch every day. Have a good night.
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  • SILLYHP1953
    Ah yes, yogurt...I'm really glad it worked. I haven't tried the greek yogurt, yet.
    2923 days ago
  • VIXEN2188
    I really wish my dad would try new things. He won't eat any vegetables because he doesn't like any kind. He says he likes peas but I never see him eat any. He would never eat a fiber one bar and he never eats anything like salads or meats that aren't in cheese or some kind of gravy. It makes me sad :( He isn't real obese or anything but I would say he is like 300 LBS at 6'5". He does have a lot of muscle from his 25 year job as a diesel mechanic which also doesn't help with his health but ya. I just wish he was more opened minded! Great job on the run! I love running outside when I get the feeling of warmth and happiness for spring. Or when it's just rained and all dewey outside.
    2928 days ago
    Way to go! So glad you got out and ran today and thoroughly enjoyed it! It's so encouraging when we feel good. Keep it up! Wish your mom well too - it's hard to get started but once she does, she will see the benefits as we know!

    Hope your Wednesday is as great as your Tuesday!
    2928 days ago
    wow you are super fast! 8 min miles!!!!!! 5 miles!!! I want to be just like you!
    2928 days ago
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