The Hallway Frowner

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It never fails.

I can be going about my day, walking happily, (bouncing in spots, admittedly) with a list of the umpteen zillion things to do today in my mind at work, multi-tasking to beat the band, but I make sure I smile when I walk my hallways.

After all, I do work in a hospital. After all, the patients and their families see those who work here - whether all individuals have direct hands-on patient care of their dear and beloved family members or not - and they know that whomever strolls these hallways represent what is the healthcare organization of their choice. I choose to exude that of a "happy" employee, who cares about my job, who goes about my day very business-like, with purpose, professionalism, yet carefree to some extent (is that even possible). I make a conscious effort in leaving whatever drama I may have at home - AT home - and decide to put on a friendly smile while on the workfront. I've been told by many a sweet, elderly patient that "you may just have the most beautiful smile I've seen in this hospital and just seeing it brightened my day". Aww... It could have been the IV bag of Morphine speaking...hmm...but, this smile ain't no fak-ie.

No, I'm not a Debbie Do-Good, but I sure am not a Crabby Patty, either (pardon any Patties, here!) lol


OK, not quite as cheezy, but yeah, you get the point. I mean, why walk around looking like you have the weight of the friggin world on your shoulders? Seriously...we have sick people here who are going through life changes - why not try to make things a bit more pleasant?

Let's discuss the world 'smile' for a moment for anyone who's like the *person* I will begin to describe momentarily - - smile (sml)
1. A facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure, amusement, or derision.

I tend to prefer to think of it as an verb,

Sounds simple, right? One of those acts that we do without even thinking much about it. Kinda like breathing, or blinking.

How bout that old saying "Smile and the world smiles with you"...or something such as that.

I choose not to look like the *person* who shall remain nameless here.

This *chick* - (and I am being quite generous here in describing her as such), just happens to be one of the big-wigs. One of the directors. Above all my management team. From another department. Who happens to have to stroll the same hallway as myself on many an occasion on her busy way to one of her very important meetings, I'm sure. In her perfectly tailored business suit. Looking prim and proper. Well groomed. Miss Neiman Marcus in the flesh. Not a hair out of place, matter of fact.

BUT - One thing's missing. HELLOOOO lady...perhaps you missed the memo. Today's offical No Frown day here in these parts. And you are clearly breaking the rules today.


Turn your miserable looking, pursed lipped self around, then come back. Only THIS time, let's try that with a smile. Yeah, you got it.

I'd looove to say that to her...

You know what? She not only walks around looking as if she has a stick crammed somewhere far up her nether regions, she actually doesn't even REPLY when you walk past her and say a chipper "hello". WOW...I'd like to take that stick and smack her right over her head to knock some sense back into her. I mean, at least say "hello" back...I'd even settle for a muffled "uummph" or something. It's something. But as my boss always reminds me "Common sense isn't very common". More like common courtesy in this situation., as I walked right past her in the main Nursing Office holding my usual stack of paperwork on my way to fax-dom, I decided to say more than my usual "hello", fully aware with the knowledge that she just might have chosen to pooh-pooh my efforts once again in being a pleasant individual. I stopped, smiled, and said "Hello _______ "(insert the *person's* name here)... "Isn't it a beautiful day outside?"


I was very skeptical over what her retort would be, if any.

My, my, MY was I surprised to see that this *chick* actually wasn't a humanoid or an alien from Mars. She actually had TEETH. And they were friggin beautiful. We're talkin porcelain veneered to the highest caliber! These chompers were expensive, for sure! Man, if I had a grill that perty I'd be smiling even more!

"Yes, it is. I can hardly wait to go for a stroll around campus after lunch".


She speaks!

The power of a smile, and a word or two. Granted this took a bit more effort than my usual endeavors of triumphing over the frowners of the world...

I just may have a new bff...

OK, ok, I won't go that far.

I have a feeling my hallway frowning superior may have a little bounce to her step as well, next time I see her.

Who knows.

As for now...Score 1 for the SMILING TEAM!


Get your smile on, ya'll!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good morning, Ms Jeanie! Just checking in on you. I'm in my own little world nowdays, so not Sparking as much as usual.

    I agree, a smile is a powerful weapon upon those that don't know how to be friendly on their own. Good for you! Keep smilin'. It's cheap, it keeps us from needing to explain what's wrong and it also does help us feel bettter, even when we are fellin' low. I hope your personal life is going well.

    I miss you, but that's partly my fault from not Sparking much. I got the flu a couple weeks ago and I think the bug attacked my scar area, because it swelled, got hard and was inflamed. A dr visit, 10 days antibiotic, quit my job for this season and I got the "all clear, surgery as planned" at my follow-up appt on Wed. Yeehaaa! Pain is getting worse but only a little over 2 wks left and it will be in my past.

    I look forward to rehabbing both hips, since the first one has had to help lug the other leg. I will only have 3 mos until the wedding. Ordered my dress in Flame red on Wed, too. I borrowed some line dance video's from a friend and am hoping to learn to do that. May not be Zumba but it will sure surprise my kids at the

    You take care and continue to smile. emoticon emoticon mary
    3637 days ago
    I love your positivity! Way to make the world a better place one smile at a time!
    3639 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6553009
    Jeanie!! You had me laughing! I love it! Way to go with your positive attitude! You rock girl!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3640 days ago
  • ASHLEYW_206
    HA! I'm only now reading your blog and I must say, I love it! You are awesome and I can totally see how your smile would brighten someone's day! Way to go and be such an awesome person!!!!

    Thanks for all of your support lately. You are such a rock star. I hope things are getting better for you and DH and you're feeling better than ever!

    Thanks for reminding me that my actions DO make a difference!!!

    emoticon emoticon j

    emoticon (this is you :))
    3640 days ago
    You are the most positive person! Way to spread the sunshine, and bring it out in others! Random kindness makes the world a better place. The more we smile, the more the world smiles back. I bet the next time you two cross paths she'll remember you. Who knows, she might even smile first!
    3640 days ago
    You know you may have made her day a little better, and she might be more likely to hello you now that you aren't just another hall walker, but then again the world has to sit somewhere :).

    I think you have an awesome smile and I am glad you use it!


    PS this totally made me smile emoticon
    3640 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6646698
    Go Jeanie!!! YOU ROCK IT!!!
    3641 days ago
    Whenever I read your blog I can always count on a good chuckle. I have run into a few of those here on my job and boy it makes me mad. Especially when I speak and they don't speak back, that burns me UP!!!

    Great job Ms. Smiley!! You description is hilarios. She had a sparkling grill huh??? Yeah I would be smiling all over myself.

    Thanks for the chuckle!!!

    Kimmie Pooh
    3641 days ago
    I tell my boyfriend the same exaxt thing. He also works in a hospital and just looks mean. And he is the sweetest man I have ever met but because of his stature and chiseled features:) he looks intimidating. He received two complaints from co-workers in different departments that he just looks scary. He was so upset but like I told him, the people entering that hospital are stressed enough. They need to be in the presence of positivity. Maybe I should make him read your blog!
    3641 days ago
    You rock!!! Well done for making one woman smile today! Make it two, because you've made mr smile too!!! emoticon
    3641 days ago
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