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Ripped in 30!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Okay first off I want to say that I am starting over today. Today at work I just looked at myself and said I need to stop being happy and unhappy based on how bloated I am. I have all the tools to lose more weight and the only thing standing in my way is this horrible nightly snacking. This week because Matt is away I got rid of anything I could possibly snack on. All I have are single packet 100 calorie popcorn and 100 calorie orange sherbet pops. It’s a step in the right direction. And I decided what I would do is put a countdown on my refridgerator for my trip to Puerto Rico. I want so badly to wear a bikini. Everyone I ask says “Oh if you cant, tankini’s are nice.” And yes they are. But I bust my ass so hard. I do 45 minutes of cardio and 25 mins of strength 6 days a week. Why CANT I wear a bikini? I have some stubborn belly fat that needs to go to finally make me feel confident. So from today on, I have control. I am TELLING myself I have control. And lately I’ve been eating smaller meals throughout the day such as 5 egg whites for breakfast, greek yogurt and an apple for lunch, then a kasha protein bar and a banana mid-afternoon, and then a medium sized dinner. This has been working for me right now and I accept that it probably won’t always work for me, but it’s working now. I am doing this one day at a time. I am home alone tonight, I just ate my dinner. I was really good and made a shrimp stir fry that is 200 calories a serving with low sodium, so I made the bag and added extra vegetables just to bulk it up. I scooped out the serving (which was half the bag) and put the rest in the fridge. I also made 3 mini chicken eggrolls. It felt good to prepare my own little dinner. It’s Asian night! And the whole thing was less than 500 calories. And even though I know I can have more, I am not. I’m giving myself a solid hour to digest before I have an ice pop or some popcorn. I want to do that to help with the snacking. Space the snacking by one hour. I feel like doing this will help me to control this nighttime snacking. It’s my new plan of attack.

SECONDLY. I have started Jillian Michael’s newest DVD Ripped in 30. (I’ve also started listening to her podcast which I’ll talk about later). But I cheated. I watched the first 3 weeks (it’s a four week program) and I can honestly say they are what I’ve been doing for months. It’s a combination of her 30 day Shred and No More Trouble Zones and the moves I do almost every day so they aren’t challenging. So I watched week 3 and she brings in some BRAND NEW moves and I decided I will do level 3 for 2 weeks then level four for 2 weeks. I did take before pictures and you know what I am going to post them on here. I will be brave. Proud of the arms, not so much the belly lol. I have to remember to take a picture of my legs tomorrow. But anyway, a month from today I will take another picture. So in a way I am giving myself another goal, to stick to my calorie limit for one month so that I can take these pictures to show you guys. It gives me the motivation to be better. I want to improve my tone and my strength and tighten. I’m excited to see the results.

I’ve been listening to Jillian Michael’s podcast and I really enjoy it. She talks to doctors about certain topics like PCOD and diabetes, and I would definitely recommend listening to it. They’re an hour each and keep me interested the entire time. It just reinstates what I love about her, that she’s not just a hot body on the cover of a workout dvd. Yes she’s built an empire with her face on everything from yoga mats to dumbells, but she’s passionate. And it reminds me of why I love this lifestyle. You have to CARE about your body and your future. You have to aim high to avoid the lows that our country is experiencing health-wise. And along the way I hope to inspire others. I want to learn as much as I can about this lifestyle, because every day I learn something new that I incorporate into my routine.

Anyway, I’m feeling confident tonight. I’m feeling good. I know low nights WILL happen. I just have to know how to deal with it. If I feel lonely or depressed tonight or later, I will do a few moves from the dvd that I didn’t do today. There’s like three moves I didn’t do only because I was at the gym and they’re kind of explosive. So I’ll tell myself every time I get sad or depressed or want to snack, I am going to do some of those moves. One is squatting, rolling onto your back, rolling back onto your feet and popping up. I also LOVE the down-dog pushup. Definitely get this dvd. It’s amazing.

I hope everyone has a great night. Remember, you can do this. YOU’RE IN CONTROL. It’s what I tell myself every day and while sometimes I fail, more often than not I win.

Here are my pictures. March 14. On April 14 we will see the results! Tomorrow I'll post my legs into this blog.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like you have a great plan going! Good luck! :)
    2807 days ago
    Good luck with Ripped in 30 - I just got it and I've only done level 1 once. I like that it's similar to the Shred but things are switched around a little. The Shred is great but I can only do it so many times before I go crazy! I'll probably do level 1 and 2 for a while and then check out 3 - although the thought of down-dog push-ups scares the daylights out of me!!!
    2807 days ago
  • VIXEN2188
    Your gonna do awesome! I hope all your goals are seen through and I know you'll get to that bikini in no time! :) P90X Yoga rocks by the way! I have never seen or done Jillian Michaels but the yoga by P90X is a great way to get strength. He uses the push up to downward dog a lot!
    2807 days ago
    Good luck with Ripped in 30! I might do it after I finish the Shred (even though those two exercises you described sound WAY too hard for me, but we'll see)!
    As far as your eating habits, just make sure you're eating enough! I know you've been doing this for a while and that you know yourself best, and I don't mean to be critical, but from what you described it doesn't sound like you're eating very much. So just make sure you have enough food to fuel yourself because if you don't that could lead to binges as well...
    And I don't know why you're stressing out about your belly! You look great! You could totally rock a bikini! emoticon
    2808 days ago
    you can do it
    2808 days ago
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