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Prayer for Japan

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Great Father God,
I ask for prayers for the healing of the people of northern Japan
in this time of great distress.

I ask for ease and sweetness to enfold the spirits of so many newly dead,
who died in fear and confusion.

I ask for swift and effective action in the rescue efforts,
that people be found, and held and healed as easily as possible.

I ask that the workers in the Fukushima nuclear plants be as safe as they can,
and be treated as the heroes they are as the strive to contain the meltdown of the nuclear reactors.
May their work be effective, and may as little radiation damage as possible happen to them.

I ask that these melting down reactors be brought under control quickly,
that the surrounding country and ocean be safe and unharmed.
I ask for protection for those lands and people,
and the greater oceans, from radiation damage.

I ask that special protection enfold the Ainu people, the indigenous people of northern Japan,
that they and their culture survive this tragedy.

And I ask that the people in my country who are so blind
as to be saying publicly that this is Japan's karma for Pearl Harbour,
and that we should not help them,
I ask that their eyes and hearts and minds be opened,
that they not be condemned to live in such a vicious narrow world a moment longer.

My heart aches, and I have fear.
I ask all these things, O Father, with the knowledge
that whatever happens will be as it needs to.
That the damage be as contained as it can be,
and that the people in Japan and the world
find compassion and love in this time of crisis and trial.

This I ask, in tears and humility.

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