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B2W Mission Six: home run

Thursday, March 10, 2011

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~!Mission 6 - 3/7-3/10!~
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emoticon 1. Pick one to work on- it can be one you have already done- or if you really want to stick to your formula- pick the one area you have not focused on yet. or just pick your favorite.

***D. TOTAL BODY.***
Plan two workouts between now and when you go to bed Thursday night and STICK TO IT. Workout twice, log it, track it, prove it, picture it, blog about it- whatever you want to do to commemorate it- do it. TWO WORKOUTS IN 4 DAYS- YOU CAN DO THAT.

I did my 1st workout on the same day as I did Stride class and didn’t know how/if I was gonna do my 2nd workout with how geriatric I felt afterwards. But I did it!

•Lower Body•
7x15 Standing Calf Raises
3x12 (both legs) Single Leg Standing Calf Raises
2x40 Hip Abductions
2x20 Lying Hip Adductions
3x15 Prone Hip Extensions
3x15 (each leg) Glute Isolator, 40 lbs
3x20 (each leg) Straight Leg Raises on propped arms
•Upper Body•
3x1 Wall Sit (1 min each) **w/** 3x12 Dumbbell Lateral Raises, 10lbs
3x12 Seated Rows, 60 lbs
3x12 Seated Chest Presses, 50 lbs
3x12 Biceps Curls, 38 lbs
3x15 Assisted Triceps Dips, 94lbs
3x15 Reverse Flys, 45lbs
5x20 Knee Raises on Captain’s Chair
4x20 Back Extensions on machine, 10 lbs
approx. 15 mins assorted core work in Stride class

•Upper Body•
5x10 Pushups
3x15 Biceps Curls w/ lt. resistance band
3x15 Seated Rows w/ med. resistance band
3x15 Straight Leg Triceps Dips w/ chair
3x1 Wall Sits (1 min each) **w/** 3x23 Dumbbell Shoulder Presses, 6.6 lbs
•Lower Body•
3x15 (each leg) Step Ups
5x15 Standing Calf Raises
3x20 Prone Hip Extensions
3x12 (each leg) Standing forward Straight Leg Raises
3x20 (each leg) Straight Leg Raises on propped arms
3x15 (each leg) Standing backward Straight Leg Raises
3x20 Lying Leg Curls
2x20 (each leg) Lying Hip Adductions
2x40 (each leg) Lying Hip Abductions
3x15 Reverse Crunches
3x20 Crunches
3x15 Back Extensions on Floor
3x20 Standing Side Bend w/ towel
3x1 Plank on elbows (30 secs each)

emoticon 2. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for the next 4 days. I really don't care if you think you are one of the people that that rule doesnt apply to cause you dont like water- DRINK UP SEXY LADIES!

Mon=9, Tues=10, Wed=9, Thurs=8

P.S. Yoovie, you owe me some mega toilet paper…having me drink 8 glasses on a non-cardio day. Where’s the “I spent 2 hours today peeing” emoticon?

emoticon 3. Create a new healthy habit OR renew a feel good ritual that you miss.

For example- a nightly routine of taking care of your skin (moisturizing, anti-aging-mask, whatev), preparing an afterwork eat at home snack the night before, buy a new toothbrush, try a new shampoo, get a new razor for those nasty hairy winter legs LOL, record a marathon of a guilty pleasure show to watch while you work out in the living room, prepare a special meal for yourself once a week or once a day.


- Painted my nails
- Put on makeup every day to make me feel prettier

emoticon 4. Practice thinking of yourself as an athlete, or meditating on what you would look like in a healthy body- or what you can do with it if you are already there. Go ahead... take a nap and get lost in daydreams about yourself. Picture it in detail and love what you dream of.

- I envisioned myself keeping up in Stride without a struggle, thought about what it would be like if I had a strong core, and daydreamed about how muscular I have to potential to become.
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